After sexism-prompted: fired commercialist pushes back against apple

After sexism-prompted: fired commercialist pushes back against Apple

Apple continues to have with a relevant personality decision. The iphone group has him "fired in a quick decision", explained the commercialist antonio garcia martinez. The manager had had to leave the company again at the end of the past week after a short time after around 2000 apple employees had supported a petition against him. They throw martinez, his 2016 autobiographical book "chaos monkeys" contain sexist passages.

"Apple knew the book"

He had been actively hired by apple to work with the company to advertise with privacy, garcia martinez on twitter. Apple knew his texts in advance and asked him about the controversial passages from his bestseller and to the differences between his "real professional" and his "literary figure". He has the affair "gutsy" want to unwind, but because apple has broken the silence, he also wanted to clarify his position.

A few days after the new school position of the manager, the once facebook’s promotional business with built, employees and employees of apple demanded an investigation because the "women’s timely statements" in the book of the manager in "direct contrast to the apple’s commitment to inclusion and diversitat" hours. You want to know why his "published views on women and people of color were reviewed or ignored", stretched it in writing.

Employees further demand an investigation

One of the staff involved explained against opposite recovery, the outward of garcia martinez was only the first step – it must continue to be clarified as it could come across at his attitude.

Apple only shared with, there is no room for the company for "discriminatory behavior". Apple’s statement implies that he "negative behavior" in his short time at apple, garcia martinez resists. This is categorically wrong and "defamatory".