Audi: creation call for another 127.000 diesel

Audi: creation call for another 127.000 diesel

Audi must be 127 in the context of the exhaust-affares worldwide.000 resuming diesel models into the workshops and surrounded. The motor trade office (KBA) has a compulsory released call for V6 diesel vehicles by audi. The manufacturer has been informed that the authorities have established the AUDI models A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q5, SQ5 and Q7 with the exhaust standard 6 "inadmissible shut-off devices", a spokesman for the federal ministry of transport on sunday (21. January 2018) in berlin. Previously, the picture on sunday report. Overall, 77 are in germany.600 vehicles affected.

For audi, it brings, for months, they examine with high prere all diesel concepts on any "irregularities and afterlear potential". You are working closely with the state-owned agents. In the course of this review and evaluation, the federal corporation office has now also adopted decisions for audi models with V6-TDI engines. Therefore, parts of the software of individual types had to be umusted. The software of the engine control for the vehicles in question is carried out, tested and submitted to the federal office of association for the examination and approval. "As soon as the software is released, the affected customers will be notified," explained audi.

The production of new vehicles is already switched by audi, heib it. Until at least in early february 2018, audi must present the KBA to accept after solutions, as manipulation is turned off on the roller support. After releasing the updates by the KBA, the manufacturer has to recall the affected vehicles and revered accordingly. He then had 18 months time to delay the jerkiness, threw it.

According to the picture on sunday if the KBA complies with a so-called heating strategy, which is only active on the prudent and is switched off in the strain operation. The pollutant-reducing, rapid engine warm-up function therefore jumps almost only in the pruf cycle for these vehicles. In real traffic, this pollutant reduction is immersed in contrast.

Audi has been operating systematically all engine and transmission variants for inadvertent shutdown facilities for more than one year and already had the recess of 850 in july 2017.000 cars of brands audi, porsche and volkswagen offered with V6 and V8 TDI engines in europe. The vehicles complained about by KBA are also included in audi now.

According to the picture on sunday threatens the KBA audi for the A8 model, which had been produced by mid-2017, with a train ban. According to AUDI, this is a subsequent order to a decision of the federal motor trade office, which had been reported in early november 2017 and the a jerk of 5000 cars in europe. The A8 was affected with TDI eight cylinder engine and euro 6 -4. He was built in this form of 2013 until last august.