Conti develops one “construction assistant”

Conti develops one 'construction assistant'

Frankfurt, 24. June 2010 – electronic helper such as the track assistant or an ACC can now be ordered even for compact cars. All of the systems offered together is that sensors recognize the lines applied on the road and then the driver is warned in different ways when he comes too close to them. This can be done in the form of vibrations in seat cheeks or the steering wheel or in a steering recommendation, which should animate the driver for counter-steering. Lexus, for example, goes on and actively engages in the steering.

Visual impairment

Problems can cause such systems in a plurality of respects. For example, each form of optical detection is the risk that backlight, rain or other factors hinder detection. Or a system like that of lexus is partially set, because exactly in this unclear situation a steering intervention is not responsible for the goods. In short: on the one hand, a perfect detection is not proved to today and on the other hand is missing "intelligence" behind the track assistant a real verdict.

Safe in the construction site

Therefore, it sounds quite ambitious that continental develops a system that the function of the track assistant is still far beyond. In the context of the research initiative, the supplier has one "construction assistant" develop, which should help to keep the mostly narrow traces in a construction site and to slow down or avoid at righttime. Due to the fusion of radar and camera sensor, the system recognizes lane limits, advance as well as the same high moving vehicles as well as in-depth and promoting road users. Then the system leaves the driver with ruckets in the steering wheel "intuitive" in the middle of the lane, warns him against impending ride or even conducts a hazard braking.