Deeper integration: salesforce enriched by amazon’s cloud services

Deeper integration: Salesforce enriched by Amazon's Cloud Services

Together, salesforce and amazon offer several new services for developers and CRM users. On the one hand, salesforce low code tools can now be used directly with AWS services such as the relational database service (RDS) or simple storage service (S3). This data can be used as natively existing.

Furthermore, information stored in real time and secured in salesforce services should be provided in AWS. On the one hand, such processes should be better automated. In addition, companies should always receive an all-encompassing view of their customers. Furthermore, both providers offer a setup assistant to connect salesforce and AWS.

AWS call center in salesforce

Also, the CRM users are now available to AWS services native in salesforce. For example, with amazon connect, set up a virtual call center that accesses AWS’s ki software and access the sales cloud and service cloud at the same time. Industry cloud receives inter alia access to amazon chime SDK, textract and compric.

Further information on the integration of the services can be found in the envision. The cooperation between amazon and salesforce has existed since 2016, which sets CRM provider since then the AWS cloud for its infrastructure. Even the stronger linking of the applications themselves had both companies in view again and again.