Driving report: aston martin dbs superleggera

Driving report: aston martin dbs superleggera

Who has the term superleggera hort, the device quickly into the smoke. Inevitably, carrozzeria touring’s grandiose bodies come to the meaning that the sports car world set his body skills on his heads since the 1940s. Fast, lightweight and high emotional vehicles of alfa romeo, BMW, ferrari and lamborghini printed the sporty automotive world in such a unique stamp.

Coarse is the expectations of the latest aston martin, who is the already image-bearing name with the annex "superleggera" kront. But even if the 4,71-meter long DBS thunder almost 75 kilograms more lighter than the DB11 AMR through the slopes of this world, nothing remained from the former lightweight construction construction of carrozzzeria touring, because the strongest gran turismo, coarse part is equally easy as high-strength carbon fiber composite material. However, he is not a lightweight. 1.8 tons of empty weight are not a cardboard stalk, even if the weight distribution was further improved in comparison to the already highly imposing aston martin DB11 AMR. Steering, brake and driving behavior are amazing – but the weight can not be forgotten in any situation, the last word is quietly retain the physics.

1.8 tons of empty weight are not a cardboard

With its double turbocharger 5.2-liter V12 from ford to 533 kw / 725 hp and gigantic 900 nm maximum torque is strengthened. The motors of mercedes-AMG remain reserved for the weaker models.

In the lower gangs, the engine electronics regulate the power flow to a MAB that the british granturismo can just bring his retailer to the road. On dry slopes, the DBS superleggera hardly has to convert his tremendous performance in appropriate propulsion. The eighty transformer automatic from ZF works almost perfectly. The driving modes can be adjusted for chassis and motor separately on the steering wheel. Perfect in everyday life only the normal mode appears, because on harden you can do without a sporty travel car like the DBS.