Free book

Creative commons licenses in practice

Just a few days ago, two telepolis buchers have been published under creative commons licenses (telepolis bookers for free download). In the telepolis and heise newsticker forums, this has already taken care of for excess discussions. A good reason to speak yourself as an author of one of these books.

"Here are people with communist missionary attitude at the factory the (once again) in ideological delusion open expropriation propagate", noticed a reader of the heise newsticker when he learned about the book downloads – what the industrial technology and witchcraft-weblog for the grandiosen conditioning communist missionaries give away bucher. Well, it can go. There is a publisher with his authors to a small e-book experiment, and already it’s one to the spearhead of world revolutionary motion.

The publication of the two pdfs was also motivated monetar. Authors such as publishers want first and foremost that their works are bought. Similar experiments in the US have shown in recent months that books with free online edition often sell much better. So the canadian science fiction author cory doctorov was more than 10 000 copies of its first "down and out in the magic kingdom" after selling it as creative commons-licensed PDF into the grid (from the life of the tribe). The average sales figures for newcomers in this genre are in the US at 3.000-5.000 copies. Lawrence lessig reports, the sale of his also free of charge in the network book free culture was much better than its previously only in paperwork works.

With free pdfs against oliver kahn

There are many good reasons for such successes. On the one hand, authors like publishers have to fight with an ever-former retail trade. Coarse book chains offer pallets of bestsellers, but simultaneously reduce the trading surface for professional bookers and fiction with a lower edition. The small bookstore around the corner must be in many cases to be able to survive. The result: harry potter, oliver kahn, hillary and bill clinton overall. Cooker, life adviser and esoteric. Anyone who wants to be read as an author in such a world must come up with something. Although amazon serve CO. As an alternative – but the risk-free of a work, which is here-and-mal reading in online stores not possible.

But probably with a PDF, which can be downloaded for free from the net. In digital form, the book can be passed on directly by readers to readers – a hiking buy recommendation, so to speak. So far, it also seems to be that most people prefer a printed book of digital edition. Although we read every day for day several hours texts on the screen – but for a long work we want to forgive ourselves to the sofa and roll paper. So far, mind you. Maybe this goes in the next few years. Maybe we will use new ies. Maybe we also just win completely on the LCD screen and throw all our sentimental paper strokes romance overboard. Licensing the two telepolis buchers is not least an experiment to find out the limits and possibilities of such promotion aspects.

Freedom and free beer

Helped the publication of the german creative commons licenses in early june (creative commons launch in germany). Creative commons creates a framework through binding legal licenses on which authors and publishers can agree. In the heise forums, however, the concrete elected license was partially criticized hard. You do not correspond to the spirit of free software licenses, threw it there. Now from freedom to the freedom is so much free and free in the german language. In the english language area there are similar meaning covers, which is why richard stallman from the free software foundation the talk "free AS in speech, not in beer" has introduced. Freibeer and free community of opinion would like to give it both for free, but as a fundamental right, only one of both are seriously demanded.

Transfer to software and other under free licenses published in the network means this: free software is dominated by the user, from the respective license dependent rights. Free software does not guarantee no more freedoms than commercially widespread software. Only is she just gun. The two telepolis buchers offered now as pdfs allow – as well as most free software – both. Advanced usage rights and free downloads. Freedom and beer so to speak. Specifically, the chosen creative commons license allows electronic book ies in a non-commercial context to further disseminate. Not anymore, but not less.

Free copies for open archives

However, the right to free dissemination should not be understood. Of course, an author could put his works for free before creative commons for free. But the licenses now in german, authors also take opposite their audience. Who offers a PDF in the network without such licenses, can remove it again at any time. He could even force other webhoster to take the file from your offer – he is the autheper.

Creative commons pushes a bar for such practices. If one of us should be considered by us authors or the publisher, who no longer want to have the relevant book in the net, we were able to remove the pdfs hosted by us. Not more. The licenses of the already widely used files continued to retain their validity. The files were also allowed to continue on non-commercial websites, exchange bolts and the like more. This creates legal certainty for users and enriches society for cultural heritage, which can no longer be removed.

Especially in the digital room, such licensings make sense. From the classic book market we know similar regulations, which even found there in the copyrights. Once a printing unit appears on the german market, it may be purchased from a public library and offered for free loans. No author and no publisher can hinder a library – even if your works of one day are no longer available. In the network, such open availability of knowledge is increasingly disclosed by digital rights management as well as password-degraded archives and databases. Creative commons licensing help restore this open access. Not free of charge, the two beors can also be found at the internet archive, the world-growing digital media library.

However, do you need such digital archives at all, if the paper spending will eventually find yourself in city libraries and unib libraries anyway? Digitized books allow much more far-reaching accessibility than the loanbook around the corner. And not only because there may be the book in question to be borrowed. Digital books can be browse and indexed. As soon as a PDF is on the net, it is recorded by google and other search engines and thus part of a globally searchable knowledge pool. The already cited cory doctorov once said that owners of the paper ie of a book will soon have the feeling, only the half of a book to call their own. Creative commons licensed books are a great way to give the readers access to the second half.

Janko rottgers is the author of the telepolis book mix, burn R.I.P. – the end of the music industry (download). Armin medoschs telepolis-buch free networks – history, politics and culture of open wi-fi networks are also available for free as PDF.