Germany has bad recipes for somalia

Criticism of atalanta and the militarian support of the somali transition government

Shortly before in the bundestag on 2.December the coordination of a relegation of EU-naval use atalanta at the horn of africa, a unusual bundling of development policy groups and human rights organizations with a position paper to the deputies;. The "defense of maritime trade interests" through atalanta in one "the way that gives legitimate reason for the amption due to the previous experience, that [she] worsens the overall situation". Nevertheless, the bundestag leased with 487 to 68 votes at 12 abstentions the participation of the bundeswehr at the EU mission on the piraterie campa.

Germany has bad recipes for Somalia

Wrong strategy of "internationalization"

The U.A. Position paper introduced by amnesty international and the protestant development service (EED) with the title: "somalia: german commitment for a political solution necessary" however, also ubte sharp criticism of the procedure "international community" in somalia itself: the "supplier and training programs for armed force of the [transitional government] TFG increase the potential for violence in the current situation in a non-controllable manner… The international, but also the german strategy is primarily geared to the support of the TFG. However, this approach ignores all experiences from a 19-year history of interventions and denies the reality in somalia."

Amisom as ground forces of "international community"?

With regard to the AMISOM troops, which controls parts of the somali capital mogadishu and act almost as the FUB of the international community in the tur with somali burger war, it is cautiously, this "should be encouraged to observe international humanitarian volkerrecht and human rights".

What is behind it, made a few days later the humanitarian intelligence service of the UN clear. Almost daily, the AMISOM troops were posted residential district and the most important market of the city with morsergranates, so irish. That they do not distinguish between civilian and military goals, as the humanitarian volkerrecht prescribes, had previously been criticized by human rights watch, the UNHCR and amnesty international. This is V.A. Therefore explorable because the use of the aminom is fundamentally funded by germany and the EU, which adds and support additional conflict parties in the somali burger war.

On a request of the left faction in the bundestag, the federal government had to surrender that the european union so far 142 million. Euro alone from the european development fund for the burger war in somalia. There are also bilateral contributions from the member states. A coarse part of the funds flees the units of the AMISOM provided by the african union. This is turned into a quarter (72 million. Euro) financed by the EU.

Although the federal government is known that these units will often receive no sold or paid it only a bottat, commit serious human rights violations and violate the warful right, it does not require criticism of their financing, but only refers to the fact that the military opponent prizes too smoothly. Germany trends a five-party funding of the EU contribution to the support of the AMISOM.

Militar help for athiopia

Added to this is the massive support of the neighboring state athiopia through germany. Athiopia is not only responsible for the escalation of the burger war in somalia since its invasion of the winter of 2006/2007, but also in its inner externally repressive against any opposition. Human rights watch in the report in the report developed without freedom, such as western development aids for the brutal vacuum of its own population. The ARD magazine fact also criticized the close cooperation of the federal government with the military engine in athiopia.

Nevertheless, athiopia – according to the federal government in her answer to the small request – is considered as "fundamental state of demands". Accordingly, it will receive military equipment assistance from germany and is by a "consultant group" the bundeswehr supports. Since 1998, 73 heerangerous athiopian soldiers have been trained in the bundeswehr training facilities, for 2011, the federal government offers the athiopian militar for the first time "bilateral cooperation program" at. At the end of october, a german staff officer participated in a militarubization funded by the EU in the capital addis ababa, in which an AU commission on a fictitious island was trained in front of somalia. Shortly before, the EU militar committee had visited addis ababa and made a talk to the athiopian defense minister.

The athiopian crowds had previously, funded by the ATM.000 somali "police officers" trained, about however, it could not provide any information. Most recently, as its whereabouts, the gedo area in the sudwest somalias area, where athiopia operates bonded militias and fell to serious battles at the end of october, before being up to 60.000 people fled. Kenya then thanked his military prasence at the nearby border.

In the answer to a written question of the bundestag deputy sevim dagdelen, spokeswoman of the left-in-the-door for international relations, werner hoyer, state secretar in the auskeit office, could not notice that the german help trained "police officers" involved in the battles. Achieving research of the in nairobi journalist marc engelhardt brought a look at the light that "the for somalia’s ratios excellently trained safety force" even played a crucial role here. The aim of the involvement of the transition government militia of the warlord and parliament member barre aden hiirale is it, in the fight against the uptairs "open a second front in the suden [to]".

A danger of undertaking in view of the situation in the border area to athiopia and kenya, which are both conflict parties in the somali burger war and easily clarified by a (renewed) invasion of another escalation of the burger war. Maybe it is exactly the strategy of germany and the european union. The UN monitoring group on somalia had noted at least in the 2012 in 2010 that up to 80% of the security forces held abroad, with the removal of other militias, and was not a perspective for the foreseeable future that the transition government without a massive intervention it could expand its control over somalia.

Nordic battleroup ready to start?

Against this background, the participation of a kenyan engaging force is to be a rough part from kenians of somalical origin to an exercise of the nordic battlemoup of the EU in september 2010 in sweden special explosive.

In your answer to the small request of the left faction, the federal government denied any knowledge of the content of the exercise and meaning of kenyan participation. Kenya receives u.A. Support from the EU stability instrument since it has been clear, somali piracy supporters who were arrested in the EU mission atalanta to make the process. Kenya also houses that also financed by the EU "international peace support training center", where the staff of amisom is trained and puffed with german and british support before it is used in somalia. In the kenyan capital is also the somalia buro of the USA, which the recruitment and payment of the troops of the somali transition government is coordinated.

Uganda, expansion of the fight zone

However, the AMISOM’s major trooper is uganda, which in july aligned the summit of the african union and for a massive expansion of the AMISOM application to 20.000 soldiers power. Shortly before, the ugandan capital had been pressed for the final of the fubball world cup of bombing, the somali rebels were attributed (somali islamists expand their influence). Although the federal government believes that they are interested in uganda "for the end of amisom to force", looks "no hints" for a connection with the EU militarism EUTM somalia.

At this "training mission" in uganda and together with its dispute soldiers for the somali transition government – u.A. In the housekeeping – trained. Germany participates in this commitment with up to twenty bundeswehr soldiers and by the participation in the common cost of the mission.

However, in this framework in this framework, however, in this framework is also educated in mogadischu, but the federal government can not remain today and refers to the responsibility of the amisom, the US somalia buros in nairobi and the somali transition government. The latter, however, became the UN general secretar, most recently in his report on children and the armed conflicts of 9.11.2010, accused of recruiting children’s soldiers and cooperate with militias, which exist until half of children’s soldiers. Also instructions, after which recruits were recruited for the EUTM in escape campers, the federal government has not been investigated.

Although the first just under 1.000 soldiers were trained under the EUTM, is still unclear how they are to be integrated and paid into the troops of the transition government, as they are a loose bond of militias. As an intermediate solution is present in mogadischu from the european union of the construction of a "reintegration warehouse" ("al jazeera camp") financed, in which the recruits trained by the EU and bundeswehr should first be subject to the amisom, as the troops of the transition government first nor a command chain "establish" had. It is to be amed, so sevim dagdelen, that with the new soldiers will happen the same as with those trained by athiopia "police officers": "they will disappear with their weapons or run over, but in any case contribute to an escalation. The mission EUTM somalia must therefore be terminated as well as atalanta on the spot."