“No sprint”: e-patient acts usually still start behavior

Health data such as medical findings and rontgen images on the smartphone: since the beginning of the year, this is done with new electronic patient records (EPA). Underlying gross health insurance, the voluntary offer stabs two months after the start usually still on behavior interest. The digital document folder should also only gradually get more functions and become stronger. The cash registers rely on significantly attracting demand.

For the general local health insurance (AOK), the app has been activated 4500 times, as the AOK-bundesverband on request of the german press agency announced. At the BARMER, 6800 apps were downloaded according to enterprises and activated more than 2600, with DAK health, several hundred insured persons registered for use. At the techniker krankenkasse (TK) thereto almost 80.000 users the app and use.

To july all practices connected

The e-file as a voluntary offer for the 73 million insured persons was on the 1. January started. But first with a test phase. Patients can use the EPO first for themselves, non-digital documents must be scanned at first by mobile phone or tablet. The networking with practices should be tested in the first quarter 2021 only with doctors in berlin and the kassenzste region westfalen-lippe. To 1. July must then be connected all the practices. And that should also provide for more thrust.

TK boss jens baas said the DPA: "digital data help us to better understand diseases and disease history and thus to treat it more successful." but these only work if all pull on a strand. "The EPA can first develop her potential if she also arrives in the medical practices." she is already very well accepted by the TK insured persons, baas clearly made. Background is also the possibility to register digitally without going to customer advice. "This is especially crucial now in lockdown."

Rising number of users expected

Among users are 78 percent between 26 and 59 years old, 8 percent less than 25 years and 14 percent over 60 years. The AOK also emphasizes the EPA is a forward-looking project. You will have real benefits for the insured if it will be put open on the first time and be faulted by the doctors. In the course of the year, information and explanation should be intensified for the insured persons. "With every doctor’s office and any clinic that comes to it, and any insured person who actively uses the EPA becomes more exciting", said a speaker. Also many interesting applications were started only over time.

The EPO entry is "no sprint, but a marathon". The BARMER expects the number of active users to rope to rise this year, as a spokeswoman said. The EPA should create more transparency and thus ensure better care. "This is done mainly by the fact that many so far are combined to be combined at a point and thus always available." for this purpose, for example, information on diseases and therapies, in case of emergency life-saving emergency data or diagnoses. Decisive for success will also be able to unite user-friendliness and privacy without bonding each other to each other.

Pilot case, maternity pass and zahn bonus feed

The DAK also relies on steadily rising number of users, such as a spokesman. Due to the future advancing steps and the widespread connection to practices and other service providers, the added value will increase significantly. Generally, the importance of digital offers for insured persons has increased massively. That has already been shown before the special circumstances of the corona crisis.

The e-file should be gradually more. From 2022, the vaccination certificate, the mother pass, the yellow investigation book for children and the tooth bonus booklet should also be available digitally. What you want to save, the patients decide themselves. You also determine who is allowed to access the EPO – but in the first year but not yet refined form, which criticize data protection sharply. There is also an area with insured information of the respective cash registers, for example with reminder functions. The EPA is a central project of minister jens spahn (CDU), which after years of gearre is to advance digitization in healthcare. Private patients should receive the e-file offered according to private health insurance from the beginning of 2022.