Protest against the lignite

Protest against the lignite

Blockade of coal sausage in may. Photo: all dorfer times wagner / CC BY-SA-2.0

The energy and climate week show: from blockaden, "school-lessons" at the open building, threatened villards in the rhineland and elsewhere, new hitzerkordords and a courageous example from the USA

The rheinische braunkohle revier west of koln is an eventful weekend. In the local town of viersen started yesterday the protest camp of "end". The loose network has been organizing actions of the civil disobedience such as blockages of power plant railways or the occupation of brown charcoal courses for several years in the various lignite cavity. This year, the opener garzweiler is in the sight.

In neighboring aachen there will be an international school demonstration on friday, to which the new school strike movement fridays for future calls. Participants from 16 european countries are expected, including italy, france, spain and poland. Together, one wants to demonstrate for the exit from the coal, energetic climate protection and that governments finally take the obligations entered in the climate protection contract seriously. Also organizations of scientists, parents and artists want to participate.

Lessons at the open building edge

For saturday, various actions are planned on the edge of the tense in the near the village keyenberg, which should be demolished for lignite degradation. The inhabitants are expropriated in such traps, provided they do not voluntarily agree to the sale of their homes and primary matter. (and of course, unlike the campaign against the german living with no bourgeoic politician emport.To)

In the rhineland six more dorfer threatens, there are three dorfer in the surrounding area of leipzig and two in lausitz. Part of the affected has in the federal "all dorfer stay" merged. This organizes on saturday under the motto "stop coal! Climate and dorfer rescue" together with fridays for future, campact, the federal government for environmental and nature conservation (bund), the nature friends and greenpeace an action day. Among other things, one is planned "school hour" with climate scientists at the open building edge, a symbolic seat blockade between the open pit and keyenberg, a demonstration and a bicycle core.

I was born here and pristine for a long time against the open pit cooker and RWE. For me it means a lot, this weekend together with thousands of people for the preservation of our dorfer, walder and acker and for air conditioning. The coal is from yesterday, it threatens the climate and the livelihoods of our children. That must be stopped.

Britta kox, "all dorfer stay", resident of the daily threatened village berverath

Europe’s big climate killer

The coals call the region in an explanation as the large CO2 source of europe. This is certainly not gripped out of the air. Only the three RWE power plants, weisweiler and neurath, are responsible for around ten percent of german CO2 emissions. In 2018, they blown around 75 million tonnes of CO2 into the air. And then there were lead, arsenic, fine deast, sulfur dioxide, and still many other pollutant.

Therefore, the covenant calls the exit from the coal to spat at the latest 2030. You could make the beginning with the lignite, which is the fluctuating solar and wind turbines in the way because of the constitution of power plants anyway. That had the advantage that no further dorfer had to switch and the rapid elimination of a coarse emission volume was more scope for further, probably more difficult climate protection measures was obtained.

Of course, there must be a hedge for the employees. For this, if the political will were available goods – the money provided for as a structural assistance was all the money, which is intended to fall into the lignite rates. Additional funds could be applied via a CO2 tax.

This weekend we protest in the rhenish revier with activists from all over europe and show that the climate crisis can only be stopped together. The rhenish revier is europe’s larger CO2 source and the place where our future is destroyed. We need a quick coal outward and the end of all subsidies in fossil energy carrier instead of the RWE group, which is the realitat of the climate crisis and whose business model is stuck in the past.

Carla reemtsma, fridays for future