The higher instance

For months, poland has been debating on the influence of the church to the state and society, there are corruption scandals and explosive attempts of the church

On the 10th. It was so far again. As at each 10. One month, remembering the former prassident lech kaczynski, the on 10. April, together with 95 other people in a plane crash in smolensk, came around (poland – country in the emergency state), gathered in front of the prasident palace in warsaw, to remember to remember his death and at the same time demonstrating against the current government.

However, to the dimensions of this year, as a fanatical kaczynski appende, a cross on the victims of the smolensk catastrophe for the victims of the smolensk catastrophe were abused to demonstrate against the current government and to represent as the only true poland (only a catholic be a good pole?), this rally could not reach. There were scatzt just 1.500 people who gathered with crosses armed in front of the prasident’s palace, candles to be candles, flowers died in between prayed and political slogans braised. "Here is poland and not moscow" or "we are poland" was among other things on the evening from the crowd to horen.

But even if this demonstration lasted only a few hours, it shows that the discussion about the wooden cross in front of the prasident’s palace has not yet subsided. This suffered cross topic had actually ended. At 16. September at 8 o’clock in the morning, securitymen of the prasidialkanzlei without any envision of the religious symbol becoming political and brought it into the chapel of the prasident’s palace. "That’s the right step to end all this, which had to drove to an escalation of the conflict, whose witness we were in recent weeks", explained the former general secretar of the polish bishops conference, tadeusz pieronek, and also exercise his regret that this decision is not already likely to fallen.

The comment is not wrong. Even a power of jaroslaw kaczynski had probably been enough to end this absurd conflict. However, since polish politics is dominated by a violent dispute between kaczynski’s right and justice (PIS and the burger platform (PO) of donald tusk, kaczynski had no interest in a settlement of the conflict around the cross. Rather, he uses every imaginable opportunity to make the political dispute as it also shows the murder in the lodzer’s officer of the PIS ("result of a long-term hate campaign against the PIS"to). To date, kaczynski and his appendant claim that the murder "the result of a long-term hate campaign against the PIS" is and ignore the police investigation results. According to information of the gazeta wyborcza, stood on the death list of ryszard C. A total of 20 politicians from all parties represented in the SEJM.

The political inclination of the catholic church

Bishop tadeusz pieronek awarded in his comment, however, however, that in poland there is an even more powerful institution as jaroslav kaczynski and his pis, which had the two-month dispute over the cross with a powerful word also ended: the catholic church. She spoke of one "abuse of the cross for political purposes", since the bishops but themselves were unstoppable how they should deal with the situation, they avoided a clear power. With a fatal result for the church. Like one on the 20th. September published september of the opinion research institute CBOS shows, the church is the rough losers of the conflict. Only 54 percent of respondents had a good opinion on the activity of the church. 10 percent less than in the previous month.

Compared to germany, where the catholic church in the spring of the year enjoyed less confidence as coarse banks, parties and supervisory rates, as a survey in april of this year, these values are heavenly, but the polish bishofe has nevertheless pushed the result. Most recently four years ago, when the catholic church came into the headlines because of some former stasispitzel in their ranks (a polish cultural revolution), they achieved so bad values in the surveys.

Accordingly, the reaction of the polish episcopate fell out. As sharp as never in the weeks before, the bishofe criticized the main actors of the conflict, but without condensing the responsible. And this is not particularly amazing, because a negative opinion on the policy of jaroslaw kaczynski and his national conservative party was also a face loss for the leadership of the catholic church. Although pope benedict XVI. When visiting the vistula in may 2006 the polish spiritual admonished, not to interfere in politics, the reality has been different in recent years.

Not only the influential redemptorist pfarrer tadeusz rydzyk, with its media around radio maryja, is a major playman in polish politics (the gray eminence), but also the bishofe occupied again and again position, especially the kaczynski twins benefited. And how high these stood in the favor of the spiritual and standing, showed in the first few months after the smolensk catastrophe. Without the approval of the krakow archbishop stanislaw dziwisz, it would never come to the controversial burial of lech kaczynski and his wife maria on the wawel, the former konigsresidenz and a national healing of poland.

In the weeks of the prasidential election campaign, many spirituals in different ways committed for jaroslaw kaczynski. Election of the PIS from churches or priest election recommendations for kaczynski were not uncommon. And despite the criticism of liberal spirituals like kazimierz sucha, who manages the TV channel reliaz TV and has been involved for years for a modern and clarified catholicism for years, some bishops made no secret from their political sympathies.

The acknowledgment of dafur did not only receive polish bishops through the worse survey values, but also through a loud discussion on the role of the catholic church in poland and their influence on state and society, which broke out in the summer. Publishingly, the debate offered the daily rzeczpospolita with its much noticated series the polish tolerance a bean. What is quite surprising, as the sheet is rather to the conservative aircraft of the polish press landscape.

The church and the corruption

The debate was accelerated but not only by the unilateral political support of the church and the dispute over the wooden cross in front of the prasident’s palace, but also by a corruption scandal in which the church is involved. On 21. September, the polish news agencies reported the arrest of marek P. Due to the central anti-corruption treatment CBA. After the 1989 political turn, it quickly adapted to the new ratios and became the staff member of the catholic church employee. In the warring commission, which manages the jerk of expropriated good to the church, he represented monastery and parish. A task that marek P. With particularly successful success, as he became the first contact person. But marek P. Apparently did not always reach legal funds to get to the good, which the church was removed from 1950 by the communists. Bribery of commissioners and fraud accuses him the central anti-corruption residence.

With the arrest of marek P. Again the wealth commission in the focus of the media, which has already reported regularly on irregularities in recent years in recent years of expropriate good to the church. But only through the arrest of marek P. Became obvious, as questionable and twilight the recovery items for the expropriations. Because as a substitute for primary matter and real estate, which can not be returned from certain reasons no longer to the church, the parishes and monasteries were entitled to other primary prudents, buildings or securities payments.

Problem was only that it was often the church, which dear the principles imagined as a reparation and their value through their own expertise. A method in which the municipalities, voivodies and thus the polish taxpayer had the viewing of, but from the ecclesiastical facilities and their experts such as marek P. Benefited, as some basic budgets came into the possession of the church whose actual value was high than the commission.

This became possible "church miracle on earth", like the gazeta wyborcza called the proliferation of the polish church, through the composition and the quasi-legal immunitat of the warranted commission underneath the ministry of interior. The body consists of six representatives of the government and the church, and according to the law agreed in 1989, no treatment report or otherwise deposit. What could not be officially clarified to this day, what the church has recovered or jerked over the last two decades.

During the missing commission 60.000 hectares of land, and forestry flat and 490 properties, according to the state agency for agricultural real estate (ANR) 76.Be 000 hectare. It is also unclear how high the securities payments received the church. The wealth commission speaks of 107.5 million zloty, just over 40 million euros, and solved in the municipal head dams. According to the krakow city administration, alone paid securities payments for primary matter and real estate, which claimed the church in the city, in the high of 110 million zloty.

End of "catholic imperialism"

For the catholic church in poland, which understood as a highest moral instance of the country due to the past, a rather unpleasant scandal. And not only because of the already conducted debate about the role of the church at the vistula, but also because she made itself politically noticeable. The bundnis of the democratic left (SLD) not only called for the abolition and checking of the warranted commission, but also dared to taboo topics such as the strict abortion law, which is due to the political influence of the church, and religious education in schools. Janusz palikot in turn, enfant terrible of polish politics, from the burger platform and founded a new movement whose most important goal is a strict separation between state and church. "When will we finally see a single state party without the fat building of the bishop", asked the 45-year-old rhetoric at the basic congress in warsaw and called for an end to the "catholic imperialism".

Tone in the home of the deceased john paul II., where 95 percent of the population is catholic, apparently arriving. At a good 20 percent, palikot esteemed in a talk show broadcasted in october the wahlerpotential of church-critical parties and gets right by the polls carried out so far. The left SLD experiences with the demoscopes with 13 to 15 percent a long-known high flight and palikot himself has come to a good 4 percent with his support committee for janusz palikot.

This development worried the church tops. The recruits of the SLD tried to discredit her by reminding it to the communist past of the party. And also for palikot and his grouping they found some critical words. In contrast to the past 20 years, however, it avoids it to pronounce itself for a political group. It becomes clear in the current municipal election campaign, with the 1. Option on 21. November will experience his first high point. Except for a few clergy, which from their close to the national conservative law and justice anyway no secret, like the priest kazimierz halwa, who during a memorial service for lech kaczynski the liberal media of the country "teufish force" predomina, election recommendations from the pulpit are not to horen this time.

Fight for the artificial fertilization

But her fingers can and may not let the church leave. "If the deputies are aware of what they do and what they want, and contribute that this law comes into force with all his harmful sites, then they automatically divest out of the ecclesiastical community", the warsaw archbishop henryk hoser explained in an interview for the polish news agency PAP, a few days before the sejm about in vitro, which should advise artificial fertilization. An erpreng, who did not miss their effect. As on 23. October in sejm on the legislative proposal ranging from absolute prohibition to the normal treatment claim for a health certificate, the decision was postponed. In poland, a solution had to be found in relation to artificial fertilization. For 20 years, this is practiced in poland, of which german couples also benefit, but no woman, which happens to the remaining embryos, whether they are frozen or thrown away or thoroughly done to them. A right-free space, which is also acknowledged by brussel, as poland is the only country of the EU in which in vitro is practiced without a legal framework.

All the attempts of politics to change this circumstance failed in recent years at the catholic church, which pronounced for a total ban on artificial fertilization. The polish population, on the other hand, has pronounced in surveys by the majority for a dedicated in vitro fertilization. But the polish government does not want to be bound by the church this time. At the second sejm session on the topic on the 29. October the sejm rejected the most radical legislative proposal of the PIS members teresa wargocka, even prison sentences for artificial fertilization.

The current church-critical attitude of the ruling party burger platform, however, must be supplied with distance. Although well-known po-politicians criticized the errreng’s attempt of the warsaw archbishop and prasident bronislaw komorowski spoke in august in an interview for the renowned magazine polityka of one "necessary debate", as poland not only discussed the cross, but also about the influence of the catholic church on the state. But seriously with the catholic church, which, after all, can mobilize some of whale, the buttocks obviously did not matter.

As a gift to the church, the government decided in a hurry, that the controversial commission commission with the 1. January sets her work. Another gift to the church was the sejm decision of 18. October that the 6. January, the day of the holy three konige, will be a future a work-free holiday. Although the decision violates the emergence and is also controversial in the workers and the employers, makes them happy about the bishof. These celebrated the decision as a success.