Airtag: apple has problems with insulting engravings

Apple allows the free personalization of its available for pre-ordering UWB and bluetooth tracker AIRTAG. You can specify either four letters or two emojis when ordering either, which will be engraved before shipping. This is very convenient if you have bought several of the little pucks to track different items – individually sold apple the airtags for 35 euros, in the four-pact somewhat favorable for 120 euros. Up to sixteen stucco can be used per apple ID, the manufacturer.

Spab with the engraving function

As now shows, some users use the automated gravurur function of the AIRTAG to allow themselves to have a spab – they elections extra rogue words or insulting terms or emoji combinations. Actually, apple has taken a counter-statement with an integrated censored routine. Tests of the IT blog the verge now show that that does not always work well.

"Horseshit" forbidden, "disc" but not

So apple filters standard candidates like "butt", "suck" or "NSFW" out, different emoji combinations do not. The result is partly bizarre. So you can about the horse and "poop"-emoji ("horseshit") do not put in succession, the reverse combination or the one with a unicorn already ("apple is adorable in fictional horses"to). "Monkey slice", "chicken" or "disc" can be selected by emojikombination.

That "poop"-emoji is there

The selection of the available emojis is a bit surprised anyway – it is not the complete number of times, even because these can only be applied in one color. That apple here that "poop"-emoji has integrated overhead, but goes completely on the cap of the group. The airtags should be officially in the market at the end of the afterest week, the engravings should not mean any additional time expenditure. Apple also offers a lot of accessories for the little trackers.