Bootschleiff at ipados

Bootschleiff at iPados

Currently the user messages are more unusual reboots on a specific ipad model. The problem seems to occur since recording the previous last ipados update 13.4.1 and is also with the youngest operating system version ipados 13.5.1 not yet fixed. In several threads in apple’s official help forum, it is called the ipad pro with 10.5 inches rough screen, originally in 2017, was affected by the bug – whether other devices show the behavior, initially unclear remained unclear.

Since ipados 13.4.1

The error image is always the same: after the cold start of the tablet is a reboot after 30 to 45 seconds, even if no single app has been clicked. An affected person gave the problems with updating to ipados 13.4.1 started; this was published this year in april. Since the restart repeats itself, it comes to a kind of delayed boat loop – with the result that the tablet does not use anymore.

Also affected newer models?

According to occasional reports, it can also come to the behavior with other ipad models, but this is milder. In a user report it is called, an ipad pro with 11-inch screen is currently starting every ten minutes. I have tried to update and restart it, but that obviously does not help.

Hard reset can help

Affected users can try their detention "hard" reset what should be partially crowned. The process differs depending on the model variant of the device – for ipads with face ID facial recognition, for example, you have to print the loud button, releasing it immediately, then press the quieter button and release it immediately. Then stop the on / off switch until the device is restarted. Whether apple is informed about the bug and works on a solution is currently unclear.