Breakthrough for electric cars let’s wait

The electric car will not prevail from the perspective of german industry for the foreseeable future. At an event with the development bosses of german manufacturers, VW executive board said­member ulrich hackenberg on wednesday at the IAA in frankfurt, the internal combustion engine will play a dominant role in the next 15 to 20 years.

After a VW prognosis, pure electric cars in 2020 achieve a market share of only 1.5 percent. There are still many problems. For this purpose, the battery technology, the range, the price and the infrastructure for charging the batteries paid. A stronger cooperation of the manufacturers in the technology should not exist for the time being. The battery is a "betting­bonus­factor, "said hackenberg. VW wants to launch its first electric vehicle in 2013. The boss of the automotive division at the supplier bosch, bernd drill, warned against underfored euphoria: "it will take ten years until an electric vehicle is in the market, which is really financed and affordable itself."The cost of the battery had to be reduced to one third. Currently a battery for about 200 kilometers range cost 8,000 to 12,000 euros.

According to a survey of the federal association of consumer centers (VZBV), 70 percent of germans believe that the automotive industry offers too few climate-friendly economical cars. "Almost 15 percent of household expenditures go to the mobility. There is no wonder that consumers pay close attention to the fuel consumption of a car, "said VZBV board gerd bilen. Also, the climate for the purchase decision is always frequent in weight. The german manufacturers had not sufficiently reacted enough. "The auto industry has long for a long time," stressed bilen. Daimler executive board thomas weber contradicted the criticism that the german automotive industry had the topic of electric cars and environmental friendliness of cars. The manufacturers are "dramatically" advanced to make cars cleaner and more economical. For coarse vehicles, hybrid is the final technology, with small cars electro.

According to a study commissioned by the federal environment ministry of the management consultancy mckinsey, a 470 billion-euro market for electromobilitat with 250 000 new jobs is created by 2020 – with a german sales share of 85 billion euros. Because of the bonded battery technologies, a special demand for researchers, manufacturers and suppliers for researchers, producers, manufacturers and suppliers.