Compact luxury: lincoln c concept in detroit

Compact luxury: lincoln c concept in detroit

Detroit, 14. January 2009 – with the "C concept" study, lincoln, actually the noble brand in the ford portfolio, wants to test a new segment. The vehicle, which is at least technically rather down to earth, at the detroit auto show (17. To 25. January 2009) is intended to show that lincoln can also produce attractive, economical compact cars.

Recognizable as a lincoln from the front

The concept car has a sporty, flat shoulder line and a comparatively high beltline. This is intended to give passengers a feeling of safety and reclusiveness. No lavish overhangs or B-pillar were used. Instead, the wide C-pillar and the strikingly styled rear end with a continuous LED strip stand out. Viewed from the front, the concept C can be identified as a lincoln by its radiator grille design with integrated LED headlights.

Fine materials inside

The interior of the concept car is designed to resemble a stylishly furnished loft. Wood, leather, chrome and metal create a uniform image. Special feature: from the alcantara headliner to the seats, interior trim and hardwood flooring, weib serves as the dominant color scheme. The hubless steering wheel with its controls appears to float freely in space. This allows an unobstructed view of the instruments. There is a webcam in the headliner for onboard internet access.