Concept “de lorean atg” promotes unusual drive

Concept 'de lorean atg' promotes unusual drive

Lake oswego (oregon / USA), 1. July 2009 – ware this car not to the secret star on the side of marty mcfly alias michael J. Fox and the expert for time travel, emmett L. Brown (christopher lloyd) in the movie trilogy "back to the future" pancaked, the UBRIGBREIENE DE LOREAN DMC-12 was probably lost in automedia or garages. Only built in 1981 and 1982, the ambitious designed vehicle was quickly committed to be an attachment of design and production fangles.

About the strain balls

But now the US company AIRSHIP TECHNOLOGY (ATG) to use the star fame of the stainless steel coupe and advertises with him for an unusual drive concept, which must not be developed. ATG emphasizes that the Y-shaped frame of the de lorean is plenty of space for the unorthodox system with spherical "go" offers.

Electromagnetic drive

The electrically powered DE LOREAN ATG should relate its energy from lithium-ion batteries that can be fed by a biodiesel-operated range extender. Instead of common car veins stands and rolls the car on four coarse balls, which – similar to a leather case – are covered with fine rubber clothing. From the image material published by ATG, it can be seen that the rubber-layered balls are electrically conductive. Above them, a metal hood is detained, which floats through electromagnetic fields over the ball. Targeted changes in the magnetic fields could then be rotated the balls to rotate by different axes – so that the car was not only waiting for the direction, but it was also possible to change the direction without it requiring a common steering.