Digital assets: german borse and commerzbank rise in nfts

Digital assets: German Borse and Commerzbank rise in NFTs

The german borse and commerzbank together with the fintech company 360x want to develop a digital trading platform for existing real assets. On the platform 360x investments in "so far illiquide wealthy values" murdle. Above "tokenization" if real warrant values are to be mapped on the blockchain. First transactions are already planned for the current year, the german borse announced in a message.

For example, real estate should be split on the blockchain and in this way "investing and tradable" be made. In addition to real estate, art should be offered in the first step. The aim of the partnership is the development "new digital marketplaces and okosystems for existing real assets" on blockchain basis.

Real values on digital marketplaces

"Make things investable" loud the mantra: "we create transparent and liquid trading pace for wealthy values, for which these digital market does not exist today", explains carlo kolzer, the grunder and CEO of 360x in the press release. Kolzer basically in 2000 the currency trading platform 360T, which was taken over in 2015 for 725 million euros from the german borse – kolzer remained as CEO.

"We bring real values to digital marketplaces and see in the participation with the german borse at 360x the potential to shape one of these digital okosystems of the future", if manfred knof explains CEO of commerzbank AG. Theodor weimer, chairman of the executive board of deutsche borse AG is convinced that the german borse had to remember new asset classes. "We will see a broad tokenization and digitization of not tradable assets in the future."

Non-fungible tokens

360x, however, will not be the first platform that uses the unique tokens generated with the blockchain for sale. In the past have already been digitally "values" as non-fungible tokens (NFTS) auctioned. Among them was the first tweet of jack dorsey as NFT, which was auctioned for around 2.9 million US dollars (2.43 million euros) on auction platform valuables.

The digital artwork associated with a cryptotopic "everydays: the first 5000 days" was auctioned for $ 69 million from the london auction house christie’s. A popular cat-meme scored 590.000 US dollars. The artist group injective protocol acquired banksy’s picture "moron" for 95.000 US dollars, burned it, registered, registered the recording of it on the etherum network and got for the NFT of the video 380.000 dollars.