Environment ministry expects eu-wide e-auto quote

Environment ministry expects eu-wide e-auto quote

In the fall, the federal environment ministry awaits a head of the EU for a binding quota exhaust-free cars on europe’s strain. About the high of the quota you will speak, said environment-staatskretar jochen flasbarth today (16. August 17) in berlin.

The automakers themselves started from a share of about 25 percent to 2025. SPD chancellor candidate martin schulz had demanded a binding rate for the at the beginning of E-cars in the EU countries at the beginning of the week. In the case of a pioneer in terms of electricity is china, where it should already apply from 2018 – whereas the federal government had protested for the german industry for fired disadvantages.

Flasbarth ames that there will be no sales ies in the EU, as electric cars soon became clearly favorable than today. This is a question of pricing and the product range, "that has not worked out for manufacturers so far."That the state will take over the financing, he excluded.

Germany’s car manufacturers currently invest rough sums in the development of e-cars, among other things from development in china. Example audi: "we want 2025 – after all, eight years – have a share of electric vehicles of about a third at the total sales," said technique management board peter mertens the "heilbronner voice". The other two-thirds were continued to be conventional. That’s why the diesel is not disappearing after the manager’s coming, "I do not agree with the scanned one that is diesel and remains very important."

Environmental state secretar flasbarth does not expect pure e-auto quota: in addition to electric cars with batteries, drives with fuel cells came into question, so flasbarth. The state secretary ames that batteries prevail because they are most efficient and on the important car market already on the rise. If the state invests in the expansion about charging infrastructure, there will be "sometime a turnout".

As a result of the diesel species, flasbarth is said to be one of the four contested expert groups coming week for the first time. On thursday coming week (24.8th.) state and non-governmental experts should advise on transgressions of taxis and public transport. The expert group is headed by the ministry of the environment and the city of hamburg.