False driver of euro islamic reformation

The islamizing strategy of tariq ramadan

Tariq ramadan hold a permanent top spot on the hitlist muslim intellectual europe. He is a pleasant guest at civil society institutions as well as the churches, european commissions and above all the globalization opponents. What this is his in the sound of "attack" presented criticism of "western consumerism", are those his talks about "a european islam", for the few even "luther of islam" wane.

For example, he enjoys a tremendous media praise and uses them for self-stilization as a reformer and founders of a european islam. At the same time, however, he also considered islamist submarine, as "wolf in sheep’s clothing" or even "haider of muslims", but at least as "double agent of modern islam".

With attacks on "judian intellectual", he has one in october 2003 "pro-israeli communitarianism" guardry, he contributed to the allegation of anti-semitism and provided in advance of his appearance at the paris social forum for vortex (cf. Dissatisfaction with the opposition role). Shortly afterwards, he also called for a television discussion with the french minister of interior sarkozy "moratorium" for stoneworks of adulterers, instead of condemning such practices.

The numerous scandals on his way have nothing harm to his prasence, on the contrary. Just as the market mechanisms of the cultural industry work now, pradikates helped "controversial" or "opaque", introducing almost every article about ramadan, more likely to increase its media fame. And ramadan proved one another time as a master in dealing with the media hype.

Islamic scientifically asked questions

Thus, in addition to the countless own publications of the busy now, a whole body of ramadan secondary literature has arisen. Some of this is more apologetic, for example, a booklanging interview of the ramadan-tank and earlier editor-in-chief of "le monde diplomatique", alain gresh