International community derives the resolution of the eta as “historical”

International Community derives the resolution of the ETA as'historisch'

Image: ela sindicatua / CC BY-SA-2.0

After the basque underground organization has explained its resolution, it was confirmed in the basque kanbo of international intermediaries

The basque underground organization had the thursday the "the exclusion of the totality of its structures" after almost 60-year history explains what the process has been confirmed and gathered on friday in the french-basque kanbo. International personnel and mediators, representatives of all basque parties and unions, were the same as representatives of the spanish left party podemos, the spanish union ugt and relocated by french parties and unions.

Among many international participants fell alongside jonathan powell, former chief underhandlers of tony blair in northern ireland conflict, also the former irish minister prosident bertie ahern and the ex-boss of sense fein gerry adams. They were already involved in the peace congress seven years ago in basque donostia – san sebastian. He had the way for the unilateral peace of peace of the ETA, until the disarmament was allowed to be a good one year ago and ultimately the resolution as "logical consequence" made from the final attitude of the armed activities possible.

Powell, ahern and adams afraid of the former french interior and defense minister pierre joxe, the fruheren chief of the international truth fund michel camdes, who represented the former UN prasident kofi annan, the mexican politician cuauthemoc cardenas and the french ex-augemister hubert vedrine too the seven personalities who "declaration of arnaga" have signed.

But the 21-year irati agorria from the basque gernika came to start with the reading of explanation in different languages on basque. That did not come from about approximately, really gernika is the landmark of the basque, once bombed by the german legion condor. She spoke for the international mediators of one "historical moment for all over europe, there "the last armed conflict on the continent" be finished. The explanation was read by three signers in english, french and spanish.

The peace steps of the ETA were gathered, "the word held". Since the peace conference, when she was asked for one-sided violence, there was no violence of her and "she was completely disarmed". It had been used a lot to reach peace. "Basque society, civil society organizations … Have shown enormous use." was criticized with the document that the conflict involved in spain and france, not as required by the peace conference of them, have negotiated with the ETA on conflict sequences and disarmament.

Even the disarmament had to be supported by the international mediators, ultimately by civil society. First, france was still involved in torping the disarmament by criminalizing activists. Spain even tattered international renowned mediators for participation even in court. If they were not so familiar, they had probably also charged and sentenced as terror understatiators.

The peace is not a game

With a view to the future, the international community in the death certificate of the ETA refers to the fact that many problems are open. Concrete "prisoners and the escape" or named open wounds in the victims of the conflict, which was thought of a silkine. "Sustainable use is necessary to come to a complete normalization of life in the region", is detected in the explanation. With a view to different conflicts, in whose solutions the signatories were involved, is said that peace "no game" be, but "political" require.

This is mainly missing spain, because france has changed his attitude in the prison policy after it came to a rough demonstration too even in paris. Currently, basque prisoners are relocated to the near the basque country to finish double streaming, as the social environment of prisoners is also contrary. This is a first step to relaxation.

For madrid nothing else

In spain, politics is further determined by revenge and policy mensity. The gross spanish parties did not attend the peace congress or at the ceremony in kanbo, where now with podemos but after all, a new rough spanish formation was present. The right minister prosident mariano rajoy confirmed from madrid again on friday in a government clarification, it will be "nothing" change.

If the bazaque was explained again and again, without violence konne over "all" these have been talked about this for seven years as LUGE. It is also the once promised "roughness" do not give, which also calls for the international community. ETA crime became "continued and sentenced" and the prisoners "will continue their penalties". They have not achieved any of their goals and will also be after the "initiation of defeat" not rewarded, explained rajoy.

It is clear that this attitude will not be maintained long because it even violated spanish laws and the catch. As in catalonia, spain only shows that the country is not ready for political solutions of conflicts as they are otherwise on the international parquet. The emergence as a goal for the resiscalization of prisoners a homesight penal deflection. The dispersion, which has been concorded for decades, who is almost extremely far away from the home, contradicts the prane as the fact that many were tortured and often convicted only on the basis of tortalizing memories torturers are not punished in spain or it is not determined against them , the european court of justice for human rights is regularly.