Iphone: apple’s new podcasts app annoys users

IPhone: Apple's new podcasts app annoys users

Apple has with the coarse IOS update 14.5 unquestions also a completely overargested version of the podcasts app is donated, which is part of the operating system. It brings among other among other amendments to the operation, but also changes settings. This increasingly ensures confusion and complaints in many users.

Apple also cremes the business model

With ios 14.5 apple also leads podcast abodienste (for the apple commission receipt) and is still pleased even as a publisher of audioines. Apparently, the group made tabula rasa in his app in the course of these changes. On reddit and social networks, users air are made over the changes. In some user, everyone has not yet been given to the library and downloaded – sometimes-of-year libraries.

Rough downloads overs mobile network

The download feature turns on automatically. In the worst case, this can lead to high data consumption over the mobile network if the iphone is not in the wi-fi. It should not be possible to easily hide already played epidoons and the playback history was laughed at some users. The usability now corresponds to less a podcast client than a tool for playing TV series, is in the user citizens.

Server trap dividing podcasts app

Apple had seriously serious problems with his podcast server infrastructure until monday. On several days, among other things, it came to fail in playback, the synchronization across devices and the download of episodes. Even the scrolling of the app slowed in part because the reload was not correctly. Apple had informed the trap on his system status website. You should have been fixed yesterday during the day.