Linux development: plane to rust code for the linux kernel become more concrete

Linux development: Plane to rust code for the Linux kernel become more concrete

The idea of re-writing the linux kernel or parts of it in rust are already a long thing in the room. Apparently, the tarpaulin for the use of rust code for individual modules of the kernel concretize, as evidence of an internal mailing list.

Conference session for rust development for linux

The google employee nick descarnier had asked for an LLVM microconference in the round, if interested in one "in-tree development of rust FUR linux" consists. He suggested, as part of the linux plumbers conference (24.-28. August 2020) to align a session on the technical aspects of the topic. At the disclosed discussion, final figures of the linux community like linus torvalds and the kernel maintainer greg kroah-hartman have participated.

Rust team offers kernel-specific development

Linus torvalds can now mean the use of rust in terms of principle, although the programming language C in his eyes remains central to the kernel. Flanking, josh triplet offered by the rust developer team, if necessary to support the linux kernel with specific new rust language features. The rust team signaled willingness to make linux kernel development to a new priority in rust development. The upcoming conference session could bring a decisive breakthrough.

Rust should not disclose C, but could definitely come to the one for individual safety-relevant modules of the kernel. As part of the open source summit linus torvalds had a view of the upcoming rough release of linux kernel 5.8 two weeks ago complained that it was difficult to find maintainer for the linux kernel. In terms of rust, its large concerns are possible compiler bugs, he now invested in the mailing list. These are "very rare, but unbelievably difficult to fix".

Rust interfaces for implementation in the linux kernel

In order to bring rust into the kernel, it first needed suitable interfaces. The option of a C foreign function interface (FFI) is apparently applicable as suboptimal, other options were and discussed in the mailing list. Torvalds suggested an automatic configuration is rust available, which is already gain and gifts with the compiler flags in the checking of compiler versions with the compiler flags. Essential for him is that rust’s standard build tests pass through and that did not blob a small, exclusive group of extramed areas with rust about experiment.

Why rust for the linux kernel is in conversation

The programming language is probably mainly due to safety reasons as an assessment to C and C ++ in conversation. Rust is considered completely memory-proof, the memory security explicitly depends explicitly through the mode of professors. The developer team of microsoft has rust as "safe alternative to C and C++" designated, and as an experiment there is already a windows runtime projected to rust. For windows, that is certainly interesting, as the operating system occasionally had to fight with storage-related bugs.

The discussion on the rust use for the linux kernel can be tracked on the kernel mailing list. Information about the online edition of the linux plumbers conference are at the event website. Interested parties can discuss there in a session, whether the kernel development is supposed to record rust, and if so, for which areas of rust use useful goods.