Monitoring: prometheus 2.24 brings basic authentication for http endpoints

Monitoring: Prometheus 2.24 brings basic authentication for HTTP endpoints

Prometheus, a project managed by the cloud native computing foundation (CNCF), is in version 2.24 before. The update sets more security with the initial support for the transport layer security protocol (TLS) and basic authentication for HTTP endpoints.

News and bugfixes

For the HTTP API, in addition to some bugfixes, the release leads us a verification to ensure that matcher in API / V1 / series are not empty. The latter could lead to a dramatic increase in memory usage in early versions. Daruber allows the HTTP API to filter the filter thanks to label names for matcher.

Prometheus 2.24 stop new for the time series database (TSDB) ready. The call of the runtime garbage collection right after the compression (compaction) is no longer necessary due to some changes in storage handling. The developer team behind the monitoring tool has adjusted the implementation accordingly. After users reported problems with increasing checkpoints, the update introduces a logging for trap in which the compression continues to be a long time.

New for CLI promtool

The current version also brings innovations for the command line tool promtool. A new function checks if a server address is preceded correctly and adds a schema if that should not be the case.

Even smaller bugfixes for the service discovery component of prometheus are part of the update. In addition, the component uses the clients of the amazon elastic compute cloud (EC2) again instead of recreating. Thus, the number of authorizations can be reduced. In addition, the SD component is now apparently related to ipv6 addresses of EC2 instances. Further information on the innovations can be found in the release notes on github.

What is prometheus?

Prometheus, on the one hand, is a time series database that reads regular performance metrics from a system, for example, to recognize bottlenecks for example (trending). It acts as a monitoring tool by describing the collected metrics on a record – customary the last. Originally, the tool was developed by the music streaming service soundcloud. In 2016, the CNCF took the open source tool. Two years later, prometheus achieved the second project next to kubernetes the graduate status of the foundation.