New lenovo notebooks: light thinkpad x1 nano, sale of the x1 fold starts

New Lenovo Notebooks: Light ThinkPad X1 Nano, Sale of the X1 Fold Starts

Lenovo introduces a load of new notebooks: the thinkpad X1 fold remains shortly under the 1-kilo brand, the foldable thinkpad X1 fold is in the sale. The gentle thinkbook notebooks come in the two-tone housing and partly with integrated true wireless earstenses therefore.

Thinkpad X1 nano

New Lenovo Notebooks: Light ThinkPad X1 Nano, Sale of the X1 Fold Starts

the thinkpad X1 nano weighs a short kilogram.

Lenovo mixed with the thinkpad X1 models carbon and yoga for several years successfully with high-quality notebooks, but as 14-inch devices were (and are) they are always a bit coarse and heavier than the 13,3-inch competition. As a flyweight concept, the thinkpad X1 nano now occurs – a 12.5-inch notebook with just under less than 1 kilogram weight. The screen comes in the work-friendly 16: 10 format therefore and therefore offers the same image as the X1-14 inches with 16: 9 screens – so the nano is mainly narrow.

In the thinkpad X1 nano, processors of the eleventh core I generation (tiger lake) work and uses them contained therein as thunderbolt 4 or wi-fi 6. Optionally, the X1 nano with a 5G mobile radio modem. The sale should start in the fourth quarter; prices did not yet mention lenovo. How many other thinkpads can be used to buy the X1 nano with pre-installed windows 10 or ubuntu linux.

Thinkpad X1 fold

New Lenovo Notebooks: Light ThinkPad X1 Nano, Sale of the X1 Fold Starts

the flexible display of the thinkpad X1 fold can be used as a coarse or like two separate screens.

Lenovo showed the first foldable windows gerat thinkpad X1 fold since last year on house fairs and has officially presented it at the beginning of the year – but you could not buy it so far. This is now: lenovo immediately accepts orders, the delivery should begin at the end of october. Prices start at happigen 2800 euros; accessories like an applicable keyboard costs extra. After the samsung galaxy book S, the X1 fold is first the second device at all, in which intel’s hybrid lakefield processors are used.

Lenovo has used the time between envision and sales start for fine grinding. Thus, after the feedback from the first testers, the hinge has optimized, so that it is better striking and so previously unimportant, but desired pop-up angles allowed. The flexible OLED display was stabilized with carbon plates on the back side, which is formerly attached to the device for the pen is now attached to the keyboard.

Thinkbooks with intel and AMD

The mainstream notebook line thinkbook gets the compulsory upgrade on intel’s eleventh core I generation in its second geratgeneration, but the series thinkbook 14 gen 2 and thinkbook 15 gen 2 are also parallel with AMDS ryzen-4000- cpus. The intel versions start at prices in november from 700 euros, the AMD variants a month later at prices from 650 euros.

The thinkbook 13S gen 2 I gets involved in intel processors. It offers all premium amenities such as thunderbolt 4 and 16: 10 screen, but prices start at comparatively low 820 euros. The sales start is at the end of november.

New Lenovo Notebooks: Light ThinkPad X1 Nano, Sale of the X1 Fold Starts

A blue housing is only available at the thinkbook 14s yoga I.

The thinkbook 14S yoga I is the only thinkbook not only 360-degree hinges and associated with the usage of use as a tablet with itself, but also an exclusive hue: lenovo donates him a housing with two blue. All other thinkbooks (and as well as the yoga) are kept in subtle gray; A cover side with two colors is available in the 2020 generation everywhere.

Wireless earstalk

New Lenovo Notebooks: Light ThinkPad X1 Nano, Sale of the X1 Fold Starts

some features of the thinkbook 15 gen 2 I have a slot with true wireless earstenses.

The large representative thinkbook 15 gen 2 I brings in some of the equipment variants a special shaft with themselves: in one of aufen accessible slot you will find a few true-wireless headhorters, so you always have the earstalks for these days compulsory video conferencing. You will be loaded in the shaft and take contact with others via bluetooth – but at the same time you can only connect with a remote station.

The ear stop slot is not on board: alternatively, lenovo uses the space to secure the notebook with a second SSD or HDD in 2.5 inch format – then the bay is not accessible from suburb. The sale of the thinkbook 15 gen 2 I should start at prices in november from 700 euros.