Nuclear power: netherlands supersitiate akw to build before east frisia

Nuclear power: Netherlands supersitiate AKW to build before East Frisia

The netherlands are far from fulfilling their climate goals. At the highways of the country, tempo 100 was introduced; and now the right-lie government party VVD is superimposed to build up to ten new nuclear power plants.

Although the netherlands have massively expanded wind power and solar energy in recent years, they are not enough. At least to compensate for mains fluctuations, it takes a reliable energy source, reported the dutch newspaper AD.

A study of the consulting company enco presented by the dutch economic minister eric wiebes revealed, the nuclear power is not more expensive than the renewable energies and the relocation of AKW maturities is a favorable way to save CO2. VVD faction leader klaas dijkhoff meant, AKW had to be built from 2025, so that the nuclear power can fall for 2050 by 2050.

Eemshaven possible location

As a possible location for an AKW, as in early opportunities, eemshaven is brought back as a location, which is located at the emsmunung in the near the east frisian emden. Together with delfzijl eemshaven is the energy turntable of the neighboring country and already location of three gas and a coal-fired power plant, as NWZ reported online.

The dutch energy expert enzo diependaal criticized at the enco study, it is just a metastary that summarizes previous results. An optimization study as the basis of political decisions were better, says diependaal. The VVD also references to their considerations that wind and solar power is more country flat as nuclear power.

Six AKW are still in germany

Nuclear power: Netherlands supersitiate AKW to build before East Frisia

since marz 1984, block C of the AKW in bavarian gundremmingen is in operation. Block A was in operation from 1967 to 1977. The block B gone in 1984 was on 31. December 2017 turned off, block C – also put into operation in 1984 – should follow 2021.

Grunen in germany had already sought a resolution against tarpaulin for an AKW in eemshaven 14 years ago. She referred the german neighboring town of emden at the time "city of renewable energies".