Number games update: ie does not pull it

"Travid no statistics you did not fell myself."

The numbers quoted here loves not only in some readers doubt. About 65 percent should therefore be released on internet explorer, 33 percent on netscape. How more research revealed, websidestory, the company behind statmarket, the source of these numbers, actually only the browser distribution of sites and users who use their software HITBOX. Therefore, this cutout can not be relevant for the entire network. To find browser statistics for the entire internet, probably is a similarly speculative exercise anyway, as to determine the total number of users. Not the topic has ever been particularly interested in us. But since the numerical matches seem to be particularly important, and at least one flanking meaning is given for the cartel process, here are still some updates from the server log files of the nearer and fishing network world.

A good entry provides metager, with numbers that are practically exactly opposite to those of statmarket.: 65% netscape, 33% (rounded numbers).

An even crasser lead with over 70% market share has netscape on the server WWW.NMR.DE (measured in january 1999).

Not quite so blatant, but still little favorable for IE it looks on our own server, www.Our site. Netscape 67.0%, microsoft 29.8% (numbers for december 98). On newsticker, however, the distribution again spreads more clearly: 74.9% netscape and 22.4% IE users.

A comparatively moderate lead has netscape with 57.3% to microsoft 39.4% on server RP-online.De /.

The mirror as a large partner in the quality channel has a similar ratio as heise: 62% netscape, 35% IE.

Browserwatch is the distribution 48% netscape, 38% microsoft. The numbers are in turn the numbers of this one server, a period is not specified.

Microsoft itself referred us to this site and out of the accompanying press material, microsoft has a supremacy of the browser selection of two-thirds of 600 surveyed companies. On the same site, equalizing IE with netscape was reported at the end of september last year.

This is now randomly exactly the ratio as statmarket, two-thirds IE, a third netscape. Should this say something now or do we enter the area of numbersmagia, play here wishful thinking, projections? Or are randomly all who passed by statmarket, who also work with the companies questioned by MS?

Well, joke aside. Some successful conclusions may already be pulled. It could be that there is a very different usage behavior between germany and the USA. However, the still appreciable lead by netscape near browserwatch takes this argument some air from the sails.

But also the cited numbers of the servers from germany could be biased, insofar as they draw special communities. Without come to the suspicion of self-lobs, you can z.B. Say that the heise servers is likely to be used by a large number of day day and professionally by the internet. Average share of non-MS operating systems (just under 20 percent) also speaks about this. The proportion in this professional livestock group seems to be very small, and was not allowed to apply for the network average .

The link from the MS survey on this site does not disclose more than the little convincing argument that microsoft has a coarse share, especially in coarse companies with the IE, as netscape, which are already MS customers and which prescribe their employees, which browsers prescribe you have to use it. We refrain from all other slobbits or comments.

But what seems to be missing: a server in germany, even worldwide, the server statistics of many other servers collapsed. Or maybe that, we do not know us? Then the numeric games could build on better raw material.

Special thanks to all readers and colleagues who have supplied us with numbers.