On rough ride with natural gas in the opel zafira 1.6 cng

On rough ride with natural gas in the opel zafira 1.6 cng

Munchen, 28. October 2009 – natural gas donates warm and comfort – which millions of households is right, the environmental and price-conscious motorists can only be cheap. As far as the theory. In practice, however, it is of the oak dark, spat in the evening and it rains. Who is not moody on the sofa, but must build up his prere tanks, so that it is enough for the way home, that can kick the chart on the forehead. On our tour across germany from munchen ober berlin to the baltic sea island usedom we wanted in an opel zafira 1.6 CNG with turbocharging once learn how natural gas is already preserved as a car fuel.

The zafira strong

At the opel zafira 1.6 CNG turbo does not exist much in itself. From auben, the car is a zafira, inside the comfortable long-range-suitable seats, the movable second row of seats and the comfortable to a flat loading floor sanzeable seats of the third row. The high seating position makes the entry easy and creates overview in traffic. The steering makes an unspectacular job, the chassis goes fine for a family car. However, the zafira wakes in curves wacker, and the unrolling could go somewhat so often. What a bit of stort is the steady clunky handbrake, whose somewhat supercandideled design is reminiscent of a shovel in jet.

Now the suit goes halfway alright

The natural gas zafira is also available without turbo loaders. In this version, the car is a bit of a cozy contemporary: 17 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h speak for itself. Our turbo aggregate is already more powerful, gets umbrellances on the highway pretty unnecessary. But then speeds are necessary: although the maximum torque of 210 nm is already at 2300 rpm, fells only from 3000 rpm the post office – the maximum possible 150 hp is only available from 5000 rpm. And then the engine gets really loud, whether in natural gas or gasoline operation. We have to switch on with the easily cartilent circuit always flammy. At 11.5 seconds, the stopwatch pointer remains on a hundred after sprint from zero. And how is that with refueling, consumption and long stretches?