Opcw line has reported report on the alleged poison gas attack in duma

OPCW line has reported report on the alleged poison gas attack in Duma

The alleged chlorine gas canister on the bed.

According to magnitski end of another narrative? As linked documents and whistleblower of OPCW inspectors show, findings were correctly made by false-shifting and other manipulation politically

It is a bad time for the western disinformation campaigns, which have been distributed politically and with the echoia room of many media and become the fear of the "russian aggression" and the russian influencing campaigns, also called hybrid war driving, to schuren. Such disinformation campaigns were massively and inexorable for the preparation of the iraq war (eg. B. Evidence beyond all doubt … , prasident bush now has his own propaganda department). Was the hussein regime before the iraq war "lug" denoted, which – non-existent mass destruction hidden, although the UN-weapon inspectors contradicted the allegations of the US and the great britain, so russia has come to the place, the perfidic disinformation campaign "weaponized information" be accused to which one contrasts clarification campaigns, which in turn generate disinformation.

It has at least since the aggressive NATO extension, the construction of the american missile defense shield ("you start a rocket, we slide off") and the unilateral exit from the ABM treaty (US missile defense system scolds europe and load conflict with russia) a cold war and mutual reuse. This is believed that in addition to the production of much fog the enemy picture are maintained.

The mirror has just dared to dare the first rough medium, the antirous exposure, with which the former hedge fund administrator bill browder, which had highlighted as a dangerous enemy putin’s, to deconstruct. That’s a good thing, even if the story about the alleged whistleblower, who held heroic the truth and was therefore murdered in a prison cell of bosewichters of the russian state, had been revealed years ago. Only no one wanted to know what the actual scandal is (browder and the magnitski-narrative: end of a disinformation campaign?To).

Duma and the fabrication of alternative facts

Of course, another expansion should come to serrated, namely the alleged syrian planes alleged poison gas attack in duma (douma) on the 7. April 2018, which was quickly punished by TRIO USA, great britain and france with an attack on syrian goals before even the chance to establish what was really happening there. Doubt one could already have from the beginning (which can be found: alleged chemical weapons attack in east ghouta). But it offered the debt allocation to russia to the anti-assad-"rebel" to continue and to continue to work on the russia-narrativ, which after the continued uncharged launch of MH17 and especially the nervoy attack on the scripals, the image of bosen russia or. Putin punthe ("A new phase of russian aggression"to).

There was not only maid of russia (after "prove" moscow was staged by the chemical monkey grip in douma), which is declared in the west as a new designation attempts only as a new disinformation attempts. Already at the interim report of the factfinder mission (FFM) of the OPCW became clear that the fact was not easy. It was spoken that chlorine gas compounds have been found, which has not yet been used to commit that at least chlorine gas was used. The media reporting storted this no further. Not interested in the west and its openness also alleged poison gas intervention at the end of november in aleppo, the anti-assad-"rebel" respectively. HTS should have completed (conflict over alleged poison gas attack in aleppo expanded). But that can also have been a staging.

Doubts always insisted on whether it had actually given an attack with chlorosaas in duma and whether the canisters to be seen on images had been dropped out of the air, since obviously the bodies shown on the videos of the females had been moved as well as the canisters. The OPCW final report, which had been published in july, came to the rather vague result that it is due to soil and blood samples, toxicological and ballistic analyzes, witness surveys and other digital documents of witnesses "good reasons" giving, "that the use of a toxic chemical on the 7. April 2018 took place". It has the toxic chemical "probably" traded around chlorine. The canisters could have included chlororas, the bodies were moved, there are different descriptions of the incident. Was held that the canisters were dropped from an airplane. Medial and political this was evaluated despite all the vagueness as a guilty prob of syria and russia.

But as finely turned out, the vagheit itself was still reflected by a loss of numerous details and by exclusion of alternative explanations of findings. This seems to have generated unrest in some inspectors of the FFM, which criticized the design of the final report for uniting and outgoing.

Inconsistencies and doubts have been eliminated

In june 2019, the working group on syria, propaganda and media, reported to a report draft to the technical evaluation of the canisters, in which alternative scenarios were discussed in contrast to the final report. Included in both places and with the information available, whether the canisters – probably thrown away from a helicopter from unknown high – or if they were only placed, so whether an attack really has taken place or if he was staged.

OPCW line has reported report on the alleged poison gas attack in Duma

Also a photo of the female of the alleged poison gas attack.

From their investigations, the technical inspectors concluded that it was questionable whether the two canisters were dropped from an airplane: "the discharge, the properties and appearance of the canisters and the surrounding scene of the forelament were inconsistently with what you had to expect in the case when one of the canisters has been dropped from an airplane. In any case, the alternative hypothesis generated the only plausible explanation for the observations on the scene." according to their findings, both canisters are "with a high probability of handically placed on these two places, as if they were dropped off a plane". In the OPCW report, this did not appear (OPCW: was a report from inspectors over the poison gas attack in duma underprinted?To).

In the western media, this clarification of a whistleblowers remained largely unnoticed. The same fate shared the report of an internationally occupied panels published in october, the documents were submitted, according to which the OPCW in the final report were subject to crucial information on chemical analyzes, toxicological examinations, ballistic studies and testimonies.

The panel also hold the report of a whistleblowers who at the "FACT FINDING MISSION" was and confirmed that important information in the report had not been mentioned. In addition, several inspectors involved in the DUMA mission had not been involved or consulted in the preparation of the final report. The report sets out the contentious points (whistleblower: OPCW report on the poison gas stop in douma unilateral).

"I’m horrified how much the facts were made wrong"

Wikileaks now has an email of an OPCW inspector of 22 involved in the facts of the fact that. June 2018, so before the publication of the interim and the final report, set online, which was directed to the british robert fairweather, the then cabinet chief of the OPCW, his deputy aamir shouuket and members of the FFM. The email writer whose name has been edited complains about the one-sided presentation and selective recording of findings: "I’m horrified how much the facts were made wrong." you will hardly be able to doubt the authenticity.

Although they have found traces of chemicals that contain a reactive chlorine atom, but they do not have to derive that chlororas had been present. In contrast to the edited final report, it has also been found in the design, one can not say whether gas had actually leaked from the canisters. The edited report is the speech of "high values of chlorinated organic derivatives", but be found 1-2 ppb (particles per billion). In the draft, the inconsistencies between the symptoms of the victims, the repayments of the witnesses and the video recordings had been reported. This was all removed together with the epidemiology. The inconsistency of the reported and observed symptoms had also been confirmed by three toxicologists. Many findings on the canisters have been deleted, which have to do with the assessment of whether toxic chemicals were prasent or used. The writer explains, the losses were questioned the credibility of the report – and thus the OPCW. Requires the publication of the full report. If the edited version should be published, the writer demanded that he could challenge his observations as it was envisaged.

If the documents of the whistleblower votes, which can hardly be doubted, the beleability of the OPCW will suffer with the final report that the guilt in all vagueness towards damascus and moscow and also sought the assertion of the female of a poison gas attack, severe damage. And the western side. After the email, you have to shut that the briton robert fairweather, the ambassador, and worked for the british dome ministry and since marz 2019 – after successful OPCW work? – special singers for the sudan and sudsudan acted at the overworking played an important role. In the scripal case, the then OPCW director ahmet uzumcu was criticized and corrected by employees in may 2018 for false statements (OPCW criticizes the director).

This is not the case that it was not indispensable with chlorine gas canisters that were dropped by helicopters of the syrian coatings could have taken place. But it does not seem to give any durable evidence for that, but for that facts were fabricated.

After all, the daily mail has now reported. Now you have to wait until the repayments will be followed by the launch of the MH17 and the attack on the scrips similar enthusiasms?