Police screens in frankfurt

Activists fell to remember the lead years of the german autumn. Not blockupy, but the police blocked the banking district

"Blockupy: ECB and banking quarter successfully blocked", it is called on the homepage of the globalization-critical network attac. They did not do it wrong, but it was the police who made the blockages with their likes for the blockages. Throughout the day, they were looking for people who might move to political purposes in the public stain room. Again and again people were cooked, occasionally the police also put water windows. In total, nearly 500 people were at least briefly arrested during the day.

Safe activists often did not come to frankfurt, which is ruled by schwarz-grun. So on thursday several buses from berlin were stopped in the immediate vicinity of frankfurt and asked by the police to return to berlin. An italian protest group had to stay on a campsite on the edge of frankfurt in the last few days. If they had been discovered in the city center, they had threatened them. On the other hand, protest ruled in italy. In front of the german embassy in rome, people demonstrated against the freedom of movement. In venice even the german consulate was occupied.

The renewed city bans are therefore amazing, because only a few days ago on more than 400 people, personal frauds had been repealed, during the action days, the frankfurt city center does not enter. At that time, the measures had previously been justified that the affected person during the anti-capitalist action day on 31. Marz police were controlled. But since no one has been detected a criminal offense, the city ban probably did not stand a legal review, which was a reason for the suspension. But why a city ban on persons who only drove with a bus from berlin to frankfurt should have a covert legal basis, could not answer.

The frankfurter police at least greatly satisfied with the previous process. In the seasons press release, a demolished road sign was made among the few kinds of materials. Nevertheless, the hard course, which was particularly buried by the local correspondent of the frankfurter general zeitung, continues until the evenings. On spades friday night, the controls were overturned around the unicampus on which numerous activists were undertaken.

Fewer participants than expected

Overall, the number of participants remained behind the expectations of the organizers. It certainly helped the ban as well as the media reporting, which should deter people from participating. However, in the last few days, once again, a pronounced crisis awareness is not present at a coarse parts of the population and can not be generated by rough actions.

Now, participation in the approved coarse demonstration will depend if the action days were a success or not. After the days of the demonstration bans, a five-year number of participants is expected. Above all, it will now show whether the liberal frankfurt burgertum, which remained quietly in the last days, intermixes into the debate. Finally, even long-term activists, such as the okolinx city-regulated jutta ditfurth, can not remember similarly massive democracy restrictions in frankfurt. You have to look back in the spades of 70s to stobble on similar flat-covered prohibitions.