Scrappage scheme: authorities still find money in the claim pot

Scrappage scheme: authorities still find money in the claim pot

Hanover. July 2009 – the money for the governmental scrappage scheme will probably last longer than last amed. According to figures updated today by the federal office of economics and export control (BAFA) in eschborn, there are still 411 billion euros to be paid out before the 5 billion euro subsidy is used up.700 premiums (as of 16. July 2009) will be paid out.

Almost 200.000 application duplicates

Just the day before, the BAFA’s daily updated list of vehicle requirements was of only just under 230 vehicles.000 possible applications. Many car buyers had reserved the premium but twice, said a BAFA spokesman against dpa and thus confirmed a report of the bild-newspaper.

Still up to 9000 requests per day

These duplicate applications have now been filtered out by a data comparison. The spokesman said that there were still 8,000 to 9,000 applications per day. However, it is not possible to make a reliable forecast of how long the premium will last.

Administrative costs from the claim pot?

The german government has earmarked a total of 5 billion euros to help the car industry, which is suffering from a slump in sales. This volume was sufficient for a maximum of 2 million premiums at 2500 euros each, but according to the original intention of the federal government, the administrative costs of the authority should also be covered from the claim pot.