The political “burger” – shortly before the end?

A participating conservative observer wife frightening over the situation of the CDU / CSU to report

In your category "time" brought germany "river" newspaper on 14. Marz a post that wants to climb panic hatching: "the burgertum decomposed", is the author is the publicist and communication strategist michael inacker, a prominent and successful actor in the press as in the company world, with career stations u.A. Of the "world on sunday" until "handelsblatt", from daimler to METRO AG. In addition, he is chairman of the marin-luther foundation and at the time awarded the media price for "creative word bulkheads".

No homeless intellectual so it is, who reports from an agony, observed by him at a social and political being he has always hoisted himself. "The burger" he writes – of course, his traditional partial representation in the federal republic, the CDU / CSU (spiritual assistance does in such a need, and so his text is documented on www.Luther foundation.Org).

Inacker complains that "fragment and disagreement" in the party-political performance – the separation of the so-called burgerial camp in union, liberal, afd and christian small parties, the lack of cohesion of these political groups. That’s not original, and therefore he cums at mentally deeper: the three worldview "basic constant" of the german burger of burger are in dissolution.

  • In the AUBE policy: the head position against the communist, now russian danger is no longer consensus; to watch this is currently on the opposite of "rubord distributors and rutand skeptics" in the union parties.
  • In economic and social policy: the confidence in the market and entrepreneurship, on the "successful coexistence of financial and real economy" cursed; in background languages with union politicians" be "social democratic or even socialist" applications to horen.
  • In the value policy: the "C" do not serve as a ideological "roof strut", and christians also found in the burger of the status of a minority.

For the "still folk parties CDU / CSU" anhnt inacker "duster prospects", the "lighthmouses" be disappeared. Why this demise mood of a confessive bourgeois in times, where the union parties hold the first place in the parties competition and tieved the christian democratic chancellor international respect? Certainly – step next to the CDU / CSU "bourgeois" competitors on, and in the union parties, programmatic uncertainties are widely. But the martin luther scatzed by inacker said: "this is the most dangerous challenge if no challenge is there. "

Maybe there is no consolation for those who fear a political life without the supremacy of the union. The contests were able to take over, though at least. The fixation of CDU and CSU on the north atlantic covenism is indeed "civil" problem, the more US geopolitics german economic interests come to the cross. In the EU, the federal republic still gives the tone, but the contradicts in the european political terrain are strengthened, the financial burdens also.

In society, the union parties (using the SPD) can still catch the prere of social distortions; how long this works, depends on economic economies that are not taxable by government policy. The belief in the "social market economy" has an insecure foundation.

If violent social conflicts occur, the party political use helps "christian traditions" not further, not teaches do not necessarily pray, even the union parties could not rely on it insofar "bourgeois" straps like the incatchers not resourceful; irreal is only the amption that "decomposition process", from which there is a talk, ideally sutrit. And martin luther will not save the CDU / CSU in erosion, why he should. He was politically not determined.