Us foreign office wants to work out against foreign disinformation

US Foreign Office wants to work out against foreign disinformation

That already established under obama, under trump so far financially dried global engagement center receives a new director and more money to draw in the warriage

In marz 2016, the then US prasident barack obama relies an order of replacing the center for strategic counterrorism communication (CSCC) established in 2011 at the US foreign ministry by the global engagement center (GEC). The first of these departments for strategic communication or to influence certain circles, sometimes called soft power, was the counterterrorism communication center (CTCC) established in 2006). It was followed in 2008 by the global strategic engagement center (GSEC). The congress set the task of the GEC after the alleged influence of the prasidential election by russia at the end of 2016 with the countering foreign propaganda and disinformation act. It should now or above all certain communication from abroad, say from russia,.

In the financial year 2015, the GSEC had only a budget of $ 6 million, so in the financial year 2016 for the GEC had been first decided 16 million, for the financial year 2017, it was doubled to 32 million. The mission is pretty clearly set to make this abroad what to praise russia:

(sec. 1287) establishes a global engagement center to lead, synchronize, and coordinate efforts of the federal government to recognize, understand, exposure, and counter foreign state and non-state propaganda and disinformation efforts aimed at undermining U.S. National security interests. Authorizes the center to provide grants to support civil society groups, media content providers, nongovernmental organizations, federally-funded research and development centers, private companies, OR academic institutions in analyzing, reporting on, and refuting foreign disinformation efforts.

Pentagon household 2017

For the financial year 2019, the foreign office – still under tillerson – had only 20 million, but that was the hawk in the congress too little. With the unsuitable militar budget for 2018, it was decided that the GEC should, it should receive less than 80 million, by the pentagon 2017 and 2018 can get up to 60 million each. So it should be strengthened the fight against the russian media and russian influences, even if tillerson – probably braked by trump – which obviously considered not so important or just followed the wishes of trump, the budget 2019 for the aufenwerfrium overall to short.

As early as 2017, it turned out that the aufsmort under tillerson did not spend the approved funds for the GEC and had no funds from the pentagon. This came under criticism of the republican burgets of the GEC in congress, from the au-abin ministry, it was asking for ways to use the funds efficiently.

The management of the GEC is currently unoccupied as the international information programs. The GEC continues to be coordinated by daniel kimmage, which is seen by the seen house as obama man. The fox-news journalist monica crowley, which is requested by trump, did not at the beginning of 2017 at all because she was involved because of a book in a plagiarism scandal.

Propaganda and disinformation as a weapon

A few days ago robert palladino announced that lea lea gabrielle should take over the management of the propaganda department. He has brought braces that have been circulating since september. That all seems to go very slowly. Again, this is a journalist of fox news, trump’s favorite channel, which is aligned legal nationally, supported him and to the murdoch group. But gabrielle was also at NBC and could still have some suggestions, she is a CIA agent, was fighter pilot, otherwise worked for the pentagon and the navy and had been tatig as a militar reporter.

Brett bruen, under obama for global communication in the woman house, said gabrielle was a pilot and journalist, but have no idea of information war management (information warfare). That also showed what is expected of the post. Gabrielle himself says they have experience in counterpropagandama statements. Foreign policy (FP) it has confirmed the adoption of the offer and explains that in addition to terrorist organizations, above all, china, russia of iran represented threats that wanted to harm propaganda american interests. "We have to see that opposing countries and international terrorist organizations are attacked using propaganda and disinformation as a weapon. They do this because it’s cheap because it’s easy, and because they can." in the sense of the wettrust, this was meant that the US, which is, of course has been made, ruptured with informational weapons.

Supposedly, the attitude of mike pompeo has changed in the foreign ministry of the GEC since the decline in mike pompeo. A spokeswoman of the auf ministry said FP, GEC have prioritat and terminating finances. For the financial year 2019, $ 55 million was required, a contradicted legislative proposal will envy the budget to $ 115 million. According to gabrielle the department should "disinformation networks" develop traces of traces, techniques to identify foreign propaganda and disruption sources and coordinate the procedure with other federal agents. A termological problem could be that donald trump also designates many of the domestic media like CNN, washington post or new york times as fake news.