A sturdy family car: on the road in the renault scenic conquest

A sturdy family car: on the road in the renault scenic conquest

Munich, 7. October 2008 – if you think a family van is too conservative, but you can’t or don’t want to do without the practical advantages of this type of vehicle, you can set yourself apart from the majority of family cars with a little off-road look: VW occupies this market niche with the crosstouran, and renault has launched the scenic conquest, which evokes memories of the scenic RX4 all-wheel-drive compact van built between 2000 and 2003. However, the current variant does without four-wheel drive. We took a closer look at the french car.

Visually almost an SUV

The differences between the conquest and the standard scenic are immediately apparent: the underride protection, the door handles in matt chrome and the roof rails look quite chic – the black plastic bumpers and wheel arch protectors, on the other hand, look a bit cheap. The chassis has been raised by 20 millimeters, and the shock absorbers and stabilizers have also been modified. The SUV look is certainly a matter of taste. Only very few people will believe that the scenic conquest is actually an off-road vehicle. The interior features orange seatbelts and special fabric upholstery with orange stitching. This is also debatable, we liked the belts in the traditional black better.

The main thing is different

The cockpit is typical renault: we imagine a chic dashboard differently, but there are still some details that are quite practical. However, you can’t get rid of the impression that the french are primarily interested in always doing things a little differently than the competition. The central arrangement of the instruments is unfavorable from the driver’s point of view. A digital display may still be considered futuristic, but it takes some getting used to and is more difficult to read than conventional round instruments. The relatively high gearshift knob, on the other hand, is easy for the driver to reach. The "keycard handsfree" unlocks the doors and the tailgate automatically and ensures that the keycard does not have to be inserted to start the car. The system recognizes when its chip is close by.