Absolute in the land rover defender

Absolute in the land rover defender

Hair, 29. September 2011 – he is one of the few virgins that have still been preserved in the class of the railaries. Because the land rover defender is actually one such, and no SUV. With him you are well served in the field, which on the other hand means certain restrictions on the strain. We were traveling with a country rover defender 110 station wagon TD4 rough.

Unusual seating position

But the wider is not that easy: already the footboard is in half a meter high. If this hurde is over-wound, the unusual seating position falls on: the seat is in the back raced, and yet the arms are slightly angled when steering. And then the pedals: the left FUB lands the first time wrong on the brake, because the clutch is only two fingers wide away from the auxe. The sitting position of the landy driver is amazingly far left. The driver can lean out of the window to see the left front wheel, which means an advantage in the field.

Robust interior

Inside dominates sturdy, black hard plastic. An exception is the center console where the bronze metallic painting of our model comes to light. There also raise rough dark gray pushbuttons from the black cockpit material that seemed for eternity. On the almost perpendicular windshield clean with two narrow windscreen wipers, which seem to come directly from the 1970s.