Character question: bmw m6 coupe against porsche 911 turbo

Character question: bmw m6 coupe against porsche 911 turbo

Hair, 14. October 2008 – who is in the minkile situation, more than 100.000 euro for a sports car can be spent, two highs different offers will take place with the M6 coupe of BMW and porsches 911er turbo in germany. For services of 400 hp and torques beyond 500 nm, the decision to question – here the elegant sports tourer, there the classic-ascetic strain designer. If you make objective criteria, there is a pretty clear winner.

Classic and modernity

No matter what color has the M6 coupe, the roof is always dark. Finally, it consists of carbon fiber, the light material not only helps to lower the total weight, but also let the focus of the car dry down. But with strong sunshine quickly shows the downside of the medal: the dark hood helps to be held in the muncher. Otherwise, the M6 is a striking car: nearly 4.90 meters long and just 1.38 meters high, it is an imposing appearance. And after the new 7er is delivered without plateau trunk lid, the 6 series models are the last ones that are traveling with this controversial style. Therefore, the buoyant based on the 5 BMW-based coupes still polarize. What should we say to the tin dress of a 911er? The proportions are perfect, at best the rear spoiler falls a little out of the series: in contrast to the carrera he always stands in the wind and drive at 120 km / h automatically or at the push of a button permanently still a stucco farther. He comes technical and reduced therefore as the thick bellows, which prints out of the rear of the carrera models. While the porsche mimt mimt, the BMW is rather than elegant touring athlete. There is a bit funny, however, if you order the 380 euro expensive roof carriers for the porsche – in combination with the ski box (600 euros) is a customensive sight. Up to 75 kilograms stop the tin mutton of the porsche, the carbon cap of the M6 is unsuitable for load transport.

Bajuhic pliability

The cabin of the M6 coupe is perfectly processed, natural. The sporty top rows of the manufacturers serve as suspension signs for what is possible in the automotive industry. The many times adjustable seats of bayern can be formed by almost every body, page holding, adequate leg rest and well-resistive long-distance comfort are self-consciousness, at least in the first row. The 2 + 2 seater also has two places. But these just go as an emergency seats for children, more is not expected from the sitting. For the driver, there is more pleasing to report: the thick M steering wheel attaches fabulous, while looking through the windscreen pleased the yellow glowing head-up display. And who can imagine a bit of everyday life in addition to the sport, is looking forward to 450 liters of storage space in the stern – a VW golf can only offer 350 liters behind the ruckbank.