Charm game, joke and ingenuity

Birthday of a classic: the adventure game "the secret of monkey island" will be 15

"The dogs are not dead. They only sleep. When programming this game, no animal was quite quantity." this message was plopped at the adventure game "the secret of monkey island" as soon as the watchdogs of the applied governor had been destroyed by a sleeping fluid in the food to get to their villa. Nobody really died at monkey island. That was and is very unusual in computer games, still if it is a pirate game. What was in the beginning of 1991 on the screen of domestic computer did not have much to do anyway with what else had played on the monitors.

Charm game, joke and ingenuity

The game had things to offer which computer games already often neglect: charm, joke and ingenuity (where is the gasoline). And you can adjust with a certain bitterness that it still still lacks most computer games today to exactly these virtues. Given the graphics extrases and simultaneous conceptual ideas of today’s productions, it drives a passionate computer player, which is ideally today between 25 and 35 years old and in the early 1990s a amiga 500 or a PC with 16 colors graphics card called his own, the tranes in the eyes.

To this day, the game published by lucasfilmgames (later lucasarts) is used for many as the probably best game of all time and as the outstanding representative of the "golden age of adventure games", that time, which from the end of the 80s to at the middle of the 90s, and with the maniac mansion advanced to the cult also, the beginning took their beginning. A good eight years later, "lucasarts" adopted by the adventure genre, the biggest competitor "sierra" was bought and produced hortan (but at least high quality) action titles.

Charm game, joke and ingenuity

The game was programmed by ron gilbert, who was involved in almost every lucasfilm-game at this time and designed for children after his commitment to lucasarts, especially adventures for children. When asked why he wanted to make a pirate game just, he answered in an interview: "I decided on pirates because it was close to fantasy, but without elves. Or if there had been elves, they had been killed by the pirates."On his own blog, he always likes to expect the highest entertaining with today’s computer game industry, which he believes no longer about content but only technical innovations.

The story of the game is paid quickly. A boy with the unspeakable name guybrush teepwood, – for which he is carried out in the game with HAME (the name "guybrush" therefore ruhrt that the graphic file of the manual character of the guy.Brush stretch and the programmers no other name imitated) – might become pirate. For this he has to exist three exams. After he has done this, his beloved governor’s daughter elaine was remunerated by the undead ghost pirate lechuck. In the end, guybrush frees them and administers the bosewich’s cargo root beer, whereupon this explodes and as a collateral utilization leaves a already firework for the credits.

To this day, many counselors and characters of the game are enjoying the game unbrochner popularity and became and will always be recited in other games. Captive ship sellers, root beer machines and piratic advertising professionals in the service of other lucasfilmgames – the humor in monkey island consisted of the implementation of modern myths and the counterparty in the actual classic pirate world and a coarse shot of self-assay.

Charm game, joke and ingenuity

Piratal payer for loom, another adventure from the house lucasfilmgames

In addition, guybrush treepwood, who as a lovable antiheld from a catastrophe in the next stumbled and whose triumph were usually only short duration. A criterion for the assessment of adventures has always been the quality of the ratsel to be released. These should be logical after possibility, but still creative and imaginative. A balancing act on which most designers fail regularly.

Anders monkey island: the classic pirate potato grog turns out here as so much that it can be done easily in prison locks, and with wattesstabchen can be influenced as self-reliable locksmiths of ulcient mythical temples facilities. Of course, the sword struggles must be mentioned. These were not won at monkey island against the historical transfer by body effort. Rather, the one was the advantage that threw his opponent the coarse insult to the head. However, obviously obedited to unpacking insurances that can be unpacked "you fight like a cow!" go out.

Charm game, joke and ingenuity

Here the programmers made attention to the annoying floppy disk changes. The CD version removed the joke

However, the competition had nothing to laugh at monkey island. Sierra, the other rough adventureschmiede, was more than duplated by the playful spectacle of the competitor. When guybrush drops a cliff, a window immediately appears to which the sad message is exercised that guybrush is scratched off. The window appeared in typical sierrastile. Sierra games were known at the time for the splen the character at every corner. Trew from a river, this was most poisoned. If you drink a sip from the sea, you died highly over saliation. If you came to a lake and tried to drink from it, you have been donated in the next second of a sea stone, etc. And had to reload each time (if you had thought to save). When you stayed with the supposedly bad news at monkey island, guybrush came back to the rocks, grinned briefly, gave a hamish comment on sierra games, and it could go on.

Charm game, joke and ingenuity

Although guybrush, elaine and lechuck had had cult status in many gamers, the figures are never to icons of commercial pop culture such as Z.B. Mario or lara croft. That may be better too. To monkey island there was a west successor, which in the way in terms of wrapping. After a long break, part 3 and 4 of the series came to the store where ron gilbert was no longer involved (the pirate adventure lives). Although they are considered ordinary adventures, but still devastated the fan base.

But there is hope. Some time ago, ron gilbert said: my dream is to buy the rights to monkey island and to make the true monkey island 3: "monkey island 3A: the secret is enthused or you get your money back." that no animals are quite quite quenching.