Chip bottleneck at qualcomm should affect smartphone production

Chip bottleneck at Qualcomm should affect smartphone production

Like the automotive and computer industry, smartphone production of chip bottlenecks is strongly influenced. According to a report of the korea economic daily various mobile phone manufacturers like samsung and xiaomi have already stopped selling some smartphones of medium and beginner classes in various world regions. Reason is a lack of qualcomms snapdragon chips. According to industry experts, the situation this year will not improve.

A sudkorean industry representative explained the newspaper that the smartphone manufacturers could be confronted as automotive companies with operating altogues. Some have already taken models of low price categories from the market to use the remaining stock of chips for their new models.

Duster forecasts

According to the market observers of IHS markit, the smartphone manufacturers must set themselves on delivery times of seven to eight months when ordering qualcomm chips. Qualcomm’s kunfty chef christiano amon has already warned in the short interview that the chip bottleneck in the mobile industry will continue this year. Even xiaomi-prasident lu webing has changed at weibo similarly negatively. In china’s social network, he explained that chips are not available this year, and not only spoken of a deficiency, but from an extreme deficiency.

Qualcomm is the big supplier of mobile chips and finish this in taiwan at TSMC as well as in korea on samsung. Samsung uses own chips for many of his smartphones. Huawei too, but the chinese market drivers must pay the US sanctions tribute and has sold 21 percent fewer cell phones last year than in the previous year. These have used other chinese mobile phone providers such as oppo, vivo, realme and xiaomi and their market shares last significantly increased significantly. However, since these use surviving snapdragon mobile chips, the qualcomm semiconductors are now more demanded than to huawei’s best times.

Environmental influence threaten chip

In addition, extreme weather, earthquakes and brands have guided to chip production failures and still stimulates the deficiency. In taiwan, rain deficiency met the taiwan chip manufacturers, but the chipp production has not yet been influenced here. Since no rain is currently predicted in the affected regions, the rainy season starts only in may and the watersticks of the reservoirs are still low, but short-term manufacturing facilities are not eliminated.

On the other hand, samsung chipp production in the US had to stop their production. First, there was a power failure due to an unusual cold breakage. Then hundreds of thousands of burgers and companies had no clean, fleeting water, because the cold pipes, pumps and waterworks were damaged. Since a prere drop also caused for impurities in the pipes, samsung’s chip production lines in texas has been standing silent for two weeks and may possibly recapture its operation until the next month.

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