Crypto wars: eu commission does not want to weaken

Crypto Wars: EU Commission does not want to weaken

The closure of news services such as whatsapp or telegram should not be softened according to the will of the EU commission. The brussels authority does not plan a proposal for a general ban of locking communication, it is called in a letter from EU indoor commissarin ylva johansson to three EU members. There will be no solution to consider that the casting was fundamentally for all burgers weak or directly or indirectly prohibited.

No tarpaulin for weakness or backtime

You can confirm, "that there is no tarpaulin to go in this direction", does it be in writing available to the german press agency. In it, the swede looks too "the introduction of "hurt"" for access to fused data. Previously, data protections were warned.

The EU states, however, penetrate in the fight against terror and organized crimetate to access a folding communication. Also federal interior minister horst seehofer (CSU) wants that. In an explanation of EU ministers of the interior of december, it is called, state-of-aged authorities had to be able to get rally and targeted access to the data. At the same time, technical solutions had to pay attention to the principles of legality and proportionality, and the protection of personal data. You want one "active debate with technology industry" create. It is important from the point of view of the EU states, because investigators and agents are more and more of electronic evidence – and they are often captured.

Significant cancellation

The EU commission continued this project in the anti-terror plan. Wool with the EU states to work with possible legal, operational and technical solutions for legal access to locked data. Civil society organizations and data protections ran storm and warned that they have access to the data on one "technical backout" admit. This damages the confidentiality of communication.

Johansson’s letter from monday is now an answer to a letter from the liberal MEP moritz korner, claudia gamon and sophie in ‘T veld of november, who also went to other EU commissioners and EU ratschef charles michel and interior minister seehofer. The letter had more than 50 other mps connected. Johansson will never be as clear in her answer as it never. In doing so, she reminds of early commitments of the EU commission to not want to wear casual communication. Lastly, such clarifications had failed.

"It is good that the commission clarifies that you do not plan law initiatives to a suspension ban and also no backtime for security authorities", said FDP politician korner of the DPA. "The commission is evidenced by the tarpaulin-driven planning for the conclusion under german council prosident of the council or takes the massive public resistance to the plane seriously. Both are good for the burger rights in europe!" seehofer muses finally realize that his tarpaulin about the interaction "have guided into a dead end".