Cututsch attempt in venezuela

Cututsch attempt in Venezuela

Prasident maduro at his speech on the balcony in the palacio de miraflores. Image: mint.Gossip.Ve

The head of opposition saving is explained "impacting prasident". US government gave grunes light for action. Maduro breaks relationships with washington

In venezuela, parliament chief juan guaido has become a protest of opposition and government standards "impacting prasident" proclaimed the sud american country. "I swore to take over government violence as an exemble prasident of venezuela to end usurpation", said the 35-year politician of the right-wing populist party volkswille (voluntad popular). He wanted to use a transitional government and create new elections, he fell at a demonstration against prasident nicolas maduro.

Guaido was chosen to prasident of the oppositionally dominated national assembly at the beginning of the year. The parliament has hardly any influence in the face of a parallel, government-growing gathering assembly.

"Today I recognize the prasident of the venezuelan national assembly, juan guaido, officially as interim prescribe venezuelas", it is called in a statement of US prassident donald trump. The national assembly as "only legitimate government institution" I explained nicolas maduros prasidage to unlawfully, so that the office of prassident is vacant. The venezuelan people have bravely pronounced maduro and his regime and demanded freedom and rule of law. "I will continue to use the full weight of the economic and diplomatic power of the united states to get the restoration of venezuelan democracy", so trump. Guaido has been recognized so far from the legal governments in brazil, argentina, colombia, chile and canada and the organization of american states.

Cututsch attempt in Venezuela

Juan guaido explains: "today we have reached our goal." image: twitter account of guaido

In response to the declaration of trumps, maduro announced the termination of diplomatic relations with the USA on wednesday afternoon (local time). Before he had one "basic review" configicted relations with washington. "Do you want a puppet government controlled from washington?", he called thousands of appeals before the prasident’s palace miraflores "no" answered. The problems of the country were solved only in the country, maduro fugged with a view of the heavy economic and social crisis venezuelas. The opposition but wool no economic recovery in the country, because this opposes its interests.

The massive inflation had been indicated at the beginning of the week when a small group of militars to the militar-slip. The government critical daily newspaper "el nacional" saw venezuela then "in a new phase of the fight" enter. Already monday evening, caracas recorded more than 30 strain protests in different parts of the city, mainly in areas previously controlled by chavists – so the name for the appendant of the government -. The sheet also referred to the "revolt" a unity of the national guard. The militars had decided to follow a call by parliamentary language juan guaido and "to ignore maduros regime".

The starting signal to the proclamation of a counter-government gave US vice-prassident mike pence, which in a video message "on behalf of prasident donald trump and the entire american people (…) unexpected support of the united states (…) for the people of venezuela" declared, "that raises his voice for freedom". Prassident maduro he described in the nearly two-minute video as "dictator without legitimate right to power". Maduro never won the prassidee in a free and fair choice, pence added.

In venezuela’s capital caracas, today demonstrations of both political camps took place. The governing united socialist party venezuelas (PSUV) mobilized her pendant from nine o’clock in the morning to protests. It goes about it, "to support the driving of prasident nicolas maduro" and at the 61. Anniversary of the destruction of the dictatorship of dictator marcos perez jimenez to remember, won it in venezuelan media. "Tomorrow we will all go to the strain to support our president nicolas maduro to defend peace and defend the national unity", said viceprasidentin delcy rodriguez in a press conference.

The venezuelan opposition under the direction of guaido called for rallies at nine different points of the capital. The appeal of the opposition of electricity from there to a common protest march in the center of caracas. The second vice presentation of parliament, stalin gonzalez, showed confident that with the march the "reunification of the venezuelans" be initiated.