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TUVALU will sink in the pacific – preparation for evacuation runs

In a few years, the ICANN must deal with a new problem: what happens to a top-level domain, if the concealed state disappears in the sea? Exactly this destiny threatens to a report by the guardian the state of tuvalu, who was world-renowned by the landerdomain TV.

Nine atoll in the pacific ocean, somewhere on halfway between hawaii and australia – that’s tuvalu. Since 1978 the country is formally independent, official head of state is the british konigin elisabeth II. Until the internet age, the fishing was officially the main source of income of the almost 11.000 inhabitants. Since the land has no subflow water, it is dependent on the help from abroad. Notable tourism or even a flourishing export industry is not available on the islands. You had to help in other ways.

For a long time tuvalu knew his exotic status profitably to use profitably. A source of revenue were stamp collectors that made their collections with the postage characteristics of the island state. Also politically, there was a lot to pick up: so japan should have responded to the winz state development aid for this in international bodies for the resumption of whaling. According to frames, these payments should have identified the half of the national economic performance tuvalus.

Since the polynesians entered the domain shaft, the proportion was allowed to decline dramatically. 50 million dollars over 10 years, the island state took a private company for the overall of its domain administration. The dot.TV is one of the most popular notice signs from TV broadcasters. Be it now viva or CNN – everyone wants . In may, the .TV corporation registration of the domain drugstore.TV for the record amount of 500.000 dollars a year.

From the earnings generated, the state fell in september 2000 an expensive UN membership, representative sent to international climate conferences in bonn and kyoto. Too late. The time for dramatic appeals had long since expired. A restriction of greenhouse gases could not rescue the islands that just protrude about four meters from the pacific. Already several times it won for storming "land under".

Now the government has explained her failure. One does not strive to stop the destruction of the island. Instead, prime minister tuilimu seeks a new home for the tuvalesen. Australia should have dismissed a request schroff. In the coming year, the first group should be relocated to new zealand. For the internet server, no asylland has to be searched. The .TV corporation is located in los angeles. ()