Dropbox employees are supposed to be permanently in the home office

Dropbox employees are supposed to be permanently in the home office

The filehosting service dropbox wants to leave his entire buro work for a reasonable end of the corona pandemic in home office. The currently enforced home work scheme will continue to continue worldwide for all 3,000 dropbox staff until june 2021, the company shared with. As soon as the situation is allowed again and become aware of local cooperation "dropbox studios" to be introduced into the rough buros such as san francisco, seattle, austin, and dublin, which then act as a meeting place.

Also in germany the regulation takes: the dropbox employees in hamburg and munchchen should work completely at home until this country is also "studios" as meeting places to be introduced as needed, as a spokesman of dropbox on request notified.

Homeoffice: the future?

According to the latest blog entry of the group, a DROPBOX stulpized was the rash to this decision. This revealed that homework has led to a higher satisfaction with the employees and a higher productivity could be achieved. So dropbox also pulls the current trend to make home office to the standard. Previously, rough tech companies like twitter and microsoft had dared to do this step.

The search engine google, on the other hand, liked that employees only remain in the home office for the time being until january 2021 and then wants to raise a hybrid model. A complete future in homework google does not look. Facebook-gramme mark zuckerberg turns out that in ten years more than every second employee in social media companies will work permanently in home office. Also in germany companies like SAP until the spring of the year are still in the home office.