End for the legacy client: with domino 12 by low code for web application

End for the Legacy client: with Domino 12 by low code for web application

With domino 12, HCL updates its application platform, fruher part of IBMS notes brand. The list of innovations is long, the most important traps in the areas of applications, security, cloud and backup.

Applications for the future

Domino stands in positive as well as in the negative sense for a long-term exhibition compatibility: developers want to help companies stronger that they are no longer dependent on outdated client applications. Nomad has been stealthy since V11 to provide these classic applications in the browser over webagsembly and as native apps for ios and android.

Such applications can be created via the 2020 introduced low code platform domino volt. The surface can be designed on a graphic designer. Starting version 12, no longer only form pages, but also so-called app pages can be designed. These may include, for example, frontend menus, dashboards and displays for information. Also navigation elements can now be added directly without code.

New is also the integration of hcl link. Here, connections to relational databases, excel spreadsheets and residual services can also be set up saas applications such as salesforce and servicenow. Furthermore, applications can now also create, update and release data in domino databases – previously they love them outlaw. In addition, events can be seen in an app domino agent.

Updates FURS backend

In the field of security domino 12 offers multi-factor authentication (MFA) with time-based disposable passwords. Furthermore, the certificate management now also supports let’s encrypt. For users of apple’s touch ID and face ID, there is a biometric registration.

Already now can be used as a on-premises, hybrid or cloud installation. With the new release 12, the server can operate on any kubernetes environments, which wants to simplify HCL its customers change between operators and between their own data center and the cloud.

Another important change is available for the backups: his third-party domino clients have so far necessary, HCL with version 12 entered its own backup system. The data can be secured with any backup systems.

All innovations can be found in a detailed support document of HCL. The former IBM software has been lying on the indian IT group since 2019.