From the old blow?

From the old blow?

Munchen, 1. September 2014 – the drive of the sportiest threesome was always special at BMW and has thus removed rational considerations. Everything was already represented from the four to the eight cylinder. Always the machines in the lower speed range had sufficient power, which was hardly gainless, because in the upper area a fireworks followed. Past! The six-cylinder in the M4 has power in all areas of life, but also a lot with the engine of the 435i together. BMW thus takes the current ie of its mid-range top model the charm of exclusive, yes unnecessary – and that weighs heavier than the renaming of M3 to M4.

The initial question is still: there is – as objectively considering an M-convertible just allocated – something that can not take this car on this car? An optics to the lower knee? Lies in the eye of the beholder! Lots of steam and torque? With! Everyday use? More than enough! Open? Takes 20 seconds! So if you do not have deep aversion to the bavarian engines, they could be expired to this offer before they drove a meter overhead.

The first exam is the open M4 with links: sharp edges, rough wheelhausers, which are filled with chic 18-inch ridders, a penibula-composed cockpit. Thank you in this case at BMW individual for leather in "merino fine-grain amaro brown" (looks like a baseball glove) and the black piano lacquer trim (look like a piano). With the facelift of the threesist, the three-person facelift, the black plastic covers disappears around the shift lever, whose handle sympathy moves somewhere between margarine mug and cellar light switch. For the luxury, which one loves in abu dhabi, miami or grunwald so, a loading aid that raises the entire roof construction hydraulically and a three-stage neck fid.

A heavyweight

Also at the convertible, as with sedan and coupe, it has managed to reduce the weight compared to the transaction despite all the new-modern firefanz (including various assistance systems) by a good 60 kilograms. The convertible also obtains garchinger lightweight and racing high-tech such as a carbon articulated shaft or an aluminum bonnet. The substrate is still burdened with stately 1865 kilograms. These are good and like 250 kilograms more than the coupe. Accordingly, M gmbh has adapted feathers, steamer and stability control. "My" M4 also has the 7300 euro expensive ceramic brake behind his 19-zollern. You may argue about the sense of investing almost a tenth of the vehicle price in a brake, but in terms of strength, endurance and feel the expensive anchors are a sensation. In addition they have "golden" brake caliper ..