Gadaffi to africa!

The formula from which the international community promises a simple solution for a difficult problem

Gaddafi should finally disappear from libya! This is the formula from which the international community promises a simple solution for a difficult problem. Italy has offered to search in africa for a suitable exilland for gaddafi. "Gaddafi must see that there was a brave plot when he was saying: ‘I understood that I have to go’," said italian aufemister franco frattini, who hopes that the african union finds a good proposal."

The country had to lie outside the legal access of the international court of justice, which has initiated investigations against gaddafi. There are 22 candidates, as the guardian lists

Africa’s non-ICC countries include: algeria, angola, cameroon, cape verde, cote d’ivoire, egypt, equatorial new guinea, eritrea, ethiopia, guinea-bissau, mauritania, morocco, mozambique, republic of the congo, rwanda, sao tome , somalia, sudan, swaziland, togo, tunisia, zimbabwe.

The US signaled that the soft house agree with such a solution. From gaddafi, nothing of the same thing is known until now he continues to hold on to announce the struggle in sirte and misrata that tripoli was not simply falling to the rebels. The military success reports of the last few days have first forgotten the concerns that the operations in libya could go for a long time and produce difficult conditions. But that could change quickly.

In his message to the lander, who today in london hold a conference for the next future libya, without him, gaddafi remains unimpare: the offensive against him is "barbaric" and to compare with hitler’s fieldgies in europe. But libya should be released the libyans, it was an operation in progress that was a people who were safe and destroyed a country that was in development.

It is a coarse bid at participants who meet today in london: 40 non-ministers, including the representatives of the states involved in the military operations in libya, representatives of the UN, the african union and arab states. As early as such meetings, it was about drawing the boundaries with ruler, today it is – according to the information of the guardian – about coordinating assistance in view of a possible humanitarian catastrophe and to form a purified front, which condemns the regime of gaddafi and the NATO wanted to support militar surgery ".

According to auben, the demand for gaddafi, libya penetrates and appelle to leave his militar performers, gaddafi: "WE call on all his followers to leave him before it is too late ", david cameron and nicolas sarkozy are quoted. A message that is sent together with bombs and rockets on tank units, ammunition depots and aircraft, now more intensively from the libyan sky (see u.S. Plan to end libya was: hope the general’s quit.

From the weblog of an italian journalist, a former italian air force pilot, who is commissioned in detail with the seashore militar operations in libya, such "psyops" can also be read out. Your effect remains to be seen. In contrast, "is sure that the allies airplanes have supplied the rebels to support them, which they have so much to return to westwarts towards tripolis. Since the mostly part of the gaddafis troops were hit by air raids of the allies, the rebels adschdabija (..) and bring ras lanf again under her control."

What sounds like a cute statement is very tricky in its implications. For quite clearly arises that the air raids the military conquest of libya by a party that the opponent gaddafis, actually supported significantly. This is not formulated in the legal basis of the UN resolution. You use the scope of the very wide formulation in the resolution. (update: after the youngest information even so far that you do not want to ignore weapons deliveries to the opposition, so the american UN ambassador rice – what a violation of the weapons embargo goods. NATO boss rasmussen had yielding such weapons aid still excluded: "we are not in libya to arm people, but to protect people."To)

The suspicion invites you to do so that this is unambiguous political and economic interests. That the rebels immediately after the conquest of ras lanuf with qatar, a member of the "international alliance for the protection of libyan civil voluer", intend to enter the oil enterprise (see gaddafis opponents rely on military victory), precisely this suspicion.

Already a few days earlier, an italian government representative had uplifted similar duslets when he amed sarkozy, that he also had the most rapid recognition of the transignation council as the official representative of libya’s olshand with the post-gaddafi libya in the field of view. The US has now stopped that the olembargo, of course, also applies to the rebels, whether it is also consequences of consequences, one will see – insofar as the topic is not kept away from the openness. Conceivable that the different names given the individual countries have given their militar operations – USA and italy: odyssey dawn; france: operation harmattan; great britain: operation ellamy; canada: operation mobile – as references could stand for interests, which you realize against the new rulers in libya.

At least, odyssey dawn unlocked the libyan oil export.

Operation odyssey dawn explained

At today’s conference in london, the "rebels" should not officially participate; politicians, such as the US foreign minister clinton and british aufemister william hague meets with transitional councilor mahmud jibril on the edge of the conference, it is called. What his shadow minister says of the opposition, jim murphy, about the rebels, also applies to the interests of the allies:

Unclear are the motives of some among them, except that they want to remove gaddafi from the power. While the opposition is propelled westernwarts, it was of central importance when we have understood who they are exactly and what continued goals are pursuing them.