Giant processor templates super computer

Giant Processor Templates Super Computer

The ki acceleriger cerebra’s wafer scale engine, presented last year, breaks a lot of records: no processor comes only in the near its coarse of 215 x 215 mm (462 cm2) or contains many computing (400).000) and transistors (1,2 trillion). He is about 50 times as coarse as other cpus and gpus. Now the chip has shown that he can also beat records.

According to a paper present on the supercomputing conference 2020, a cerebras CS-1 computer with this processor has the supercomputer joule 2.0 – at least 82 place on the current TOP500 list of november – beaten by a factor of 200. The task consisted of a complex system of linear equations, as it is necessary for, for example, for power simulations or weather forecasts. As cerebras exports in a blog post, the projection of CS-1 is mainly due to its high memory performance and fast connections between the cores.

Giant processor VS. Cluster

Joule 2.0 contains over 4000 20-kerners of type xeon gold 6148 with a total of 86.400 cores. He is at the US national energy technology laboratory of the US energy ministry of energy (DOE). His computing power is about the factor of 100 under the fastest fastest computer in the world fugaku

Meanwhile, cerebras has introduced the successor cerebras wafer scale engine 2. He has 850.000 cores and 2.6 trillion transistors. As with the process, the cores are connected to each other via a 3D mesh.