Mild punishment for presser computer technicians in vienna

Mild punishment for presser computer technicians in Vienna

A closing tripojan has paralyzed the computer systems of a large viennese operation in july 2019. An oppressor demanded 420 bitcoin losegeld for the data, at that time about 3.7 million euros. On monday, a 21-year osterreicher at the vienna regional court was sentenced to 18 months in prison, which will be reviewed on a three-year probationary period. The condemned must not be detained, but 10.000 euro reparation numbers. He ames his innocence and has requested the weighting time, so that the verdict is not legally violent.

The company concerned, which implements several hundred million euros, paid a percent of the required sum. The associated hope of getting the transactions of these bitcoins to the presser did not go. This reports the ORF vienna. Other investigations, however, led to the 21-year-old in august 2020. He had completed a teaching at a supplier of the most extensive operation.


According to the indictment, he has gained access to the computer system by VPN and acquired login and password and installed damage to malware. Shortly before that he should have performed a loss of google searches. After the attack he stood a friend by SMS, "blodge" to have under "submerge" to want. Nevertheless, the man disputes today to have the trojan introduced. The computer system of the affected company is so old that everyone can easily get access.

The judge had no doubts about the fault of the defendant. Since he was only 19 years old at the time of the time, he comes to youth criminal law with the low punishment of it. The name of the embarrassed company is not out of the report. The whereabouts of the 4.2 bitcoin could not clear the investigators.