Not every knoll from the eu abroad must be paid

Transportless must also count on the autumn with bub money certificates from the EU abroad – but they do not have to pay everyone. Because the grenzu-cleaning punishment ames that the procedure is also legally valid. There is a mistake, KONNE that "EU-knollchen" successfully challenged, the traffic rights expert volker lempp from the auto club europa (ACE) on friday said the DPA theme service.

The bundestag had approved the implementation of an EU decision in the evening, after which bubgeld decisions from other EU countries can be enforced under certain circumstances in germany. Who is asked to pay for a traffic offense abroad, should note the following, according to those skilled in the art:

High: foreign bubbles of less than 70 euros can not be enforced.

Sender: the decision must come from the federal office for justice (BFJ) in bonn. The documents belonged to a supplatt, which contains all essential information on the new EU enforcement. Payment requests from debt collection companies could ignore motorists.

SERVICE: foreign authorities must have completed all necessary documents to the BFJ and signed.

Correct language: over an attachment traffic rights procedure in other EU countries, the person concerned must be informed in a lack of form and german. In addition, he must have previously been taught about his rights. "Those who knew nothing about a procedure should necessarily defend themselves", council lempp.

Not every offense pays: it can only be punished by traffic verb. An insult in the strain traffic, for example, does not pay. As a vehicle owner, one can only be taken when it is clearly occupied that one at the time of the tax SAB.

Special control: some "EU-knollchen" must only be approved by a german district court. In addition, fines against adolescents and adolescents pay as well as additional securities payments to victims. The affected driver is then involved in this so-called authorization procedure.