Privacy: luxembourg plans 350 million euros penalty for amazon

Privacy: Luxembourg plans 350 million euros penalty for Amazon

350 million euros penalty for privacy violations, the national commission for data protection (CNDP) of the coarse hearway luxembourg of amazon.Cash cash. That reports that wall street journal (WSJ) citing inaugants. What amazon is accurately accused of is not known. The CNDP is stateful because the group in luxembourg maintenance.

Both amazon as well as the authorities have rejected opinions. According to newspaper report, the luxembourg privacy workers have already supported their counterparts in the other EEA countries a copy of their decision-making draft. The so-called coherence proceedings have begun. The national privacy may agree with each other to apply the data protection regulation (DSGVO) possible coherent.

According to WSJ, some european data protections have already contradicted the luxembourg proposal and, in at least one case, a more high penalty required. Should luxembourg’s authority in the current amazon case do not agree with the privacy habits of the universal DSGVO lander, the european data protection committee (ESDA) must vote on the criminal decision for amazon. Under the chairmanship of the easter juristin andrea jelinek, the ESDA coordinates the data protection workers of the 30 EEA countries.


At the same time, 350 million euros were many of the previous (not legitimate) record bubble: in december, google has provoked google with 60 million euros penalty because it should have even used tracking cookies for advertising purposes without consent. Contrary to expressive attitudes. Ireland’s privacy worker has followed over google ireland for the same if another 40 million euros sent punishment. Ireland’s authority plans to conduct several constraints for criminal fees against coarse data companies in the current year.

The most expensive privacy certificate from germany dated 30. September 2020: the hamburg commissioner for privacy and freedom of information has more than 35 million euros perturbed in the textile discover HM (hennes mauritz), because HM should have spitzled hundreds of employees. According to HMS, this procedure goes back to a self-report of the company. The punishment is not legally legislation, as HM has collected a legal action, which is in the district court of hamburg.

The up to date highest european data protection sentence for amazon dates from december and france. There are 35 million euros penalty because of the use of tracking cookies for advertising purposes without the consent of those affected. This decision is not yet legally violent. The highest legal data protection sentence in europe is also from france: in the beginning of 2019, google was imposed 50 million euros bub money, due to lack of transparency, insufficient information and lack of consent to non-tailored advertisements.