Quantum computer: hackathon organizes for students

Quantum computer: Hackathon organizes for students

The massachusetts institute of technology (with) starts the second year-old hacking tone for applications on quantum computers. The interdisciplinary quantum hackathon (iquhack) finds online on the 30. And 31. January, and an optional workshop prepares on the 29. February with tutorials on the topic. Registration is up to 15. January.

The hackhathon aims at students from various technical areas such as computer science, physics and chemistry. You explicitly do not need any experience in writing applications for quantum computers and receive support by coaches of hardware sponsors.

Gates and quantum annealing

Participants are divided into two areas: during the one with gate model computers, the others work with quantum-annealing. In the last category, the programming language ocean is used by D-wave, while participants in the first group working with a combination of python and qiskit.

The applications will not run in emulations, but on quantum computers from ionq and D-wave.

Organizer of the hackathon is the co-organization interdisciplinary quantum information science and engineering (iquise). Participation is free and is open according to the FAQ at the event page all students and schoolers, but is not recognizable how far the international participation is possible. For the registration, interested people have to be 15. Adjust a form to january.