Scheuer wants more dynamics in climate protection

Scheuer wants more dynamics in climate protection

"Already there is a distinct that we need much more dynamics," said the CSU politician on friday (28. Feb. 2020) german press agency. "Climate protection is a running process, and our considerations are far from completed with the climate package."Throughout europe, the topic stronger will be tackled.

More biofuel for jets

"In addition, topics such as a binding admixture of sustainable kerosene in aviation, a dense loading and tanket for vehicles with alternative drives and the expansion of the railway offer between the european metropolises," said scrub. "It’s clear, we still have a lot to do and do not let it out."

So that germany reaches the climate goals for 2030, the traffic area must be delivered mainly. Because there the CO2 emissions have hardly fallen in recent years. In the coming weeks, an opinion of the ministry of the environment is expected whether the initiated measures are sufficient in the area of transport.

Scheuer referred to several steps that had already been launched – such as the reduction of VAT for tickets in railway long-distance traffic, a starting of public transport, the planned increase in ticket tax and a plan for a faster expansion of the shop network for E- cars.

To maps that had to be tackled, obese the reform of the car tax. This should be rebuilt with a significantly higher CO2 component to make climate-friendly vehicles financially more attractive. Feather is the ministry of finance here.

Further measures are the use of synthetic fuels and a CO2 differentiation in the truck toll. In addition, the ministry wanted to support ten model projects with around 300 million euros to strong the OPNV. The tender is still starting in the second quarter 2020.