Survey shows growing dissatisfaction with digitization degree

Survey shows growing dissatisfaction with digitization degree

The dissatisfaction of many burgers with the sluggish digitization of public administration has grown significantly after a survey in the corona pandemic. 94 percent of the burgers "engraving deficits", in the digitization monitor published on tuesday, the digitization monitor, which creates the opinion research institute forsa on behalf of the FDP parliamentary group. Compared to the previous year, this is an increase of 12 percentage points.

Too little preparation for the digital age

Top funf wishes are the representative survey a central online administration portal, the digital application for passport and identity card, the digital registration and deregistration of the residence, "burger account" for data exchange and a digital wallet for documents and documents ("wallet"to).

Almost nine out of ten german (88 percent) have the impression that politics does too little to prepare the population on the digital age. In the previous year it was 84 percent. More than half (55 percent) the internet user is not so satisfied with online services of the authorities. In the previous year, it was 44 percent.

The willingness to use is given: 86 percent of people plan to use conceptual online services of the histors, regardless of whether they already have experience or not. Almost two-thirds of the burger (63 percent) believe that only ten years or even later a coarse part of the administrative concerns will be completed online.

"Urgent the digitization turbo towns"

"The corona pandemic has disclosed the deficits as well as a focal glass", said the first parliamentary businessman of the FDP group, marco bushmann, the german press agency. "The order for the next federal government is clear: it must urgently need the digital chaos that the rough coalition is left, tap and the digitization turbo towers." he craved the demand for a digital ministry. In addition, a universal must "germany app" making the abundance of authority possible.

The head of policies and social research by forsa, peter matuschek, explained: "for the fourth time in a row, the data clearly shows: the openness of the burger for digitization is unbroken, but they make a bad testimony in the implementation." the digitization monitor has been levied since 2018 in the contiguous distance.